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Latest Press releases

Eliane Vieil Art [Wednesday 16th, July 2014]
“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” ― Edward Hopper (Eliane Vieil) Painting is a beautiful story without any word. Thousands of people can look at the same painting and read completely different story. We sink in the deepness of the color and charmed by the harmony of every brushstroke. Eliane Vieil’s artworks are wor...

Be Inspired By Art at Agora This Summer [Wednesday 9th, July 2014]
Alix Pierre-Thirsty Flamingoes If the oppressive summer heat is getting you down, visit Agora Gallery and allow our July exhibitions refresh your wonder for the beauty and diversity of the world around you. The artwork in Verve of Abstraction demonstrates how instinctive and natural it can be to open yourself up to new perspectives. By deconstructi...

Works of Elegance and Energy at Agora Gallery [Thursday 19th, June 2014]
Bénédicte Jarosz -Untitled This summer, Agora Gallery will unveil fresh and memorable shows to all art-lovers who may need that extra incentive go gallery-hopping in the infamous NYC heat. Come in to cool down, enjoy glass of seltzer, and peruse our diverse and international collections. Guests may find themselves completely transformed, if not sim...

The Art That Shows gallery kemang 58 [Monday 16th, June 2014]
june - August 2014 ,The Kemang 58 gallery is an alternative spot for art lovers to enjoy various indonesian arts, where The kemang 58 gallery exhibit solo and group arts continuously The concept was to meet the art lovers and patrons to the artist in hope that there is a communication build between them to share idea, characters, style and backgrou...

Charity project! Save child´s life! [Friday 30th, May 2014]
International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression is June 4 - Help children by buying a Poster on ArtsCad and get additional 30% OFF! From today until June 5, 2014 ArtsCad will give 10% on your order to the Charity Project “Help Rescue 500 Battered Women and Their Children” and will give you a discount of 30%! Do not wait! Go to ArtsCad ...

Press releases

Anuncio de Jorge Di Pietro
Hi geobsas, (I'm in SeeMe :) ) Congrats! Your work is going to be displayed in Times Square! The show is this Thursday, July 24th from 8-9pm! Here's your images that are going to be featured:,,,, https://ge...

(Jorge Di Pietro - 3K - Added July 22)

Communiqué de presse de l'Artiste Till Dehrmann
Painting exhibition Contemporary Orientalism CONTEMPORARY ORIENTALISM The Orientalist painting exhibition by Till Dehrmann shows daily life scenes from modern Orient with expressive oil paintings of landscape and portrait. The play of colours and light create a unique atmosphere in his realistic paintings, which also give us an insight into the Ara...

(Till Dehrmann - 3K - Added May 19)

Communiqué de presse de l'Artiste Krzis-Lorent Frederique
Hello, I am pleased to present my work on my website, and my video Thank you for your attention cordially

(Krzis-Lorent Frederique - 2K - Added March 4)

Roger Cummiskey's Announcement
Hemos Vuelto - We are Back Your Invitation to visit. AIA members, husband and wife team Roger and Dolores Cummiskey, are exhibiting again at galeria restaurante Lucia from 03.03 - 11.04.2014. This promises to be an exciting new exhibition of charcoal drawings combined with cross stitch creations. Lena, Anders and Gerrie continue their superb hospit...

(Roger Cummiskey - 3K - Added March 1)

Nazzi Art Gallery's Announcement
Love each other ! Not With Word Happy Valentine Love each other ! Not With Word Happy Valentine

(Nazzi Art Gallery - 2K - Added February 13)

Latest publications

My Goal This Summer
My goal this summer is to find homes, that is to sell, at least 10 of my art quilts.

My goal this summer is to find homes, that is to sell, at least 10 of my art quilts. Hello! Sometimes, in an artist's process, one must pause and reflect on what is happening to the creative flow. I have now been in such a phase for about a year. Many other things have happened in my life which made it very hard to create new art pieces. Whether it...
Katrina Sjoberg - 3K - Published July 10 2014]

Оld trees, Artist of Ukrainі - Shandor Alexander.
Year of creation 2014 Technique: oil on canvas Dimensions: 75х80

Year of creation 2014 Technique: oil on canvas Dimensions: 75х80 Price and availability of oil paintings inquire. My website: ShandorAlexander Born in Ukraine Vinogradov,Transcarpathian region in 1981. He studied at the College of Arts Uzhgorod. Erdeli on metal processing department. During his studies he studie...
[Shandor Alexander - 5K - Published July 9 2014]

Painting exhibition Contemporary Orientalism
CONTEMPORARY ORIENTALISM The Orientalist painting exhibition by Till Dehrmann shows daily life scenes from modern Orient with expressive oil paintings of landscape and portrait. The play of colours and light create a unique atmosphere in his realisti...

CONTEMPORARY ORIENTALISM The Orientalist painting exhibition by Till Dehrmann shows daily life scenes from modern Orient with expressive oil paintings of landscape and portrait. The play of colours and light create a unique atmosphere in his realistic paintings, which also give us an insight into the Arabic culture. Address: Rathaus Galerie Marktst...
[Till Dehrmann - 3K - Published May 18 2014]

Aimé Venel artist is not linked with Scientology
WARNING inadequate references on internet

WARNING inadequate references on internet WARNING Aimé Venel and Method Aimé Venel international Drawing/Painting course are not linked with Scientology. Going back to 1984 still on internet my affiliation with Scientology appears , which is not , here is the truth that I re-etablish with this publication : My name appears on internet in a certain ...
[Aimé Venel - 4K - Updated May 4 2014]

Welcome in Painter Eliora Bousquet's Universe !
Galleries - Abstract, lyrical, visionary and expressionist art

Galleries - Abstract, lyrical, visionary and expressionist art Welcome in Eliora Bousquet's universe French Contemporary Professional Painter Lyrical, symbolical and expressionnist abstraction. Official website : Next exhibitions Biography The history of my collections
[Eliora Bousquet - 3K - Updated April 26 2014]

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ArtsCad is a virtual museum and searchable database of visual Arts, dedicated to contemporary artistsworldwide. Thank you for visiting ArtsCad, buying artwork and supporting our member artists.
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Recent Exhibitions
Svetlana Kirichenko
Art by Svetlana Kirichenko : Svetlana Kirichenko - Saffron milk cap
“Saffron milk cap”

acrylic on

Svetlana Kirichenko

Added July 24
Matteo Gilardi
Art by Matteo Gilardi : Matteo Gilardi - From the window of Charles
“From the window of Charles”
47 Inches x 40 Inches
photo manipulation

Matteo Gilardi

Added June 12

Buy for 1430 US$ - Buy poster

Jürgen Grafe
Art by Jürgen Grafe : Jürgen Grafe - Lady Gaga
“Lady Gaga”
9 Inches x 14 Inches
pop art

Jürgen Grafe

Added July 24

Buy for 78 US$

Makovoj Valerij
Art by Makovoj Valerij : Makovoj Valerij - Bridge over gorkanal.Riga.
“Bridge over gorkanal.Riga.”


Makovoj Valerij

Added May 3
Pellegrino - Leda
Art by Pellegrino - Leda : Pellegrino - Leda - 'Entrelacement'
35 Inches x 28 Inches

Added June 17
Lorne Szmek
Art by Lorne Szmek : Lorne Szmek - The Phoenix Arises
“The Phoenix Arises”
20 Inches x 30 Inches

Lorne Szmek

Added July 16

Buy for 9000 US$ - Print from 350 US$ - Buy poster

Pavel Lefterov
Art by Pavel Lefterov : Pavel Lefterov - Greek Townscape
“Greek Townscape”
17 Inches x 22 Inches
Naïve Art

Added July 24

Buy for 600 US$ - Print from 90 US$

Branislav Puletic
Art by Branislav Puletic : Branislav Puletic - QUINCE
30 Inches x 12 Inches
Oil On Canvas
Still Life

Branislav Puletic

Added July 7
Thierry Ferrand
Art by Thierry Ferrand : Thierry Ferrand - Soh Maah Ti
“Soh Maah Ti”
36 Inches x 29 Inches

Thierry Ferrand

Added May 1

Buy for 455 US$

Tamar Modebadze
Art by Tamar Modebadze : Tamar Modebadze - kompozicia


Tamar Modebadze

Added May 12
Doris Kricorian
Art by Doris Kricorian : Doris Kricorian - Red in all its forms
“Red in all its forms”
25 Inches x 19 Inches
Abstract Visions

Doris Kricorian

Added May 10
Michelle Mengozzi
Art by Michelle Mengozzi : Michelle Mengozzi - sky sun and sea
“sky sun and sea”
18 Inches x 15 Inches
knife on linen
free figuration
free composition

Michelle Mengozzi

Added June 5

Buy for 390 US$ - Print from 195 US$ - Buy poster

Aimetti Sylvain
Art by Aimetti Sylvain : Aimetti Sylvain - Sign
12 Inches x 24 Inches

Added July 5
Ruiz Jacques
Art by Ruiz Jacques : Ruiz Jacques - Cannes Croisette
“Cannes Croisette”
24 Inches x 20 Inches
marine landscape

Ruiz Jacques

Added July 24

Buy for 1040 US$ - Buy poster

Galerie Jalass
Art by Galerie Jalass : Galerie Jalass - Landsscan
16 Inches x 12 Inches

Galerie Jalass

Added June 7

Buy for 442 US$ - Buy poster (Limited Edition)

Adina Lupan
Art by Adina Lupan : Adina Lupan - Marine impression
“Marine impression”
24 Inches x 20 Inches
Marine Landscape

Adina Lupan

Added June 10

Buy for 325 US$

Salaun Margo
Art by Salaun Margo : Salaun Margo - Mill st Rochegoude Briac
“Mill st Rochegoude Briac”

oil in canvas `de` linen

Added July 12
Marie-Claire Houmeau
Art by Marie-Claire Houmeau : Marie-Claire Houmeau - Willow Street - Montmartre
“Willow Street - Montmartre”
12 Inches x 16 Inches

Added May 22
Remigio Megías García
Art by Remigio Megías García : Remigio Megías García - Fields in summer
“Fields in summer”
20 Inches x 16 Inches
oil in canvas

Remigio Megías García

Added July 11

Buy for 715 US$ - Buy poster

Jacques Afriat
Art by Jacques Afriat : Jacques Afriat - JERUSALEM
32 Inches x 26 Inches
acrylic on linen
figurative contemporary
figurative imaginative

Jacques Afriat

Added July 3

Buy for 2340 US$ - Print from 468 US$

Arturo Arboleda Restrepo
Art by Arturo Arboleda Restrepo : Arturo Arboleda Restrepo - the Windsors
“the Windsors”
14 Inches x 12 Inches
abstraction symbolic

Arturo Arboleda Restrepo

Added July 24

Buy for 150 US$

Lazzate Maral
Art by Lazzate Maral : Lazzate Maral - CINEMA Digital 1
“CINEMA Digital 1”
18 Inches x 28 Inches

Lazzate Maral

Added July 5

Buy for 650 US$ - Buy poster

Jimmy Ortiz Luna
Art by Jimmy Ortiz Luna : Jimmy Ortiz Luna - Process: individuation
“Process: individuation”
39 Inches x 28 Inches
abstraction symbolic

Jimmy Ortiz Luna

Added May 14

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Famous paintings by Pavel Lefterov

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kalboishakhi. /strom

(strom, 5 July 2014, Portfolio Shohag Parvez)
want to buy more of your originals ...

(Gerald Ciesla, 17 June 2014, Portfolio David Anthony Magitis)
Massage - Ity Abrahams
Cher Arlette Paradis, Merci d'être membre de la...
(ArtsCad Manager - Marina , 16 June 2014, Portfolio Arlette Paradis)

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