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Alan Hogan
Alan Hogan

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The Orange Cow

Here comes the summer!

Red Barn

The Red House in Finland

Mount Errigal

Bromarf Sunset

Helsinki Cathedral

Åland Landscape

The Calypso

Birch Path

Sydney Harbour

The Cairn Terrier

Explosive Flowers

Two Black Cats

Sophia's Landscape


Pengerkatu 25, Helsinki, Finland


'Thoughts and Stories'

An Art Exhibition




1.- 30.11.2011


A selection of paintings by artist Alan Hogan, most of which have a little story to tell. 

Each painting may also hold an individual interpretation for you the viewer.


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[Announcement - Alan Hogan - 4Ko - 2011]

Hi I'm Alan Hogan, and I live in a small town called Karis (Karjaa in Finnish) in southern Finland. 
I have been interested in painting since a young age. I was born in Ireland and I spent all of my school years in an all-boy school. Art was not encouraged much during my time as a student but I persisted to continue with it whether as a profession or a hobby. After graduating from art college in Ireland I spent many years making a living in the print industry before moving to Finland. This is where I have now re-ignited my passion for art and painting. I now work full-time as an artist from my home studio here in Finland. It's been a long and sometimes difficult journey, but I am confident and happy with my work right now. I want to share my work with you here and I hope you enjoy what you see.
 ... I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me to continue to paint and I am very grateful for all your comments!!!
Here's a video of my work, old and new. And below that you will find a video timelapse of me painting one of my latest works called 'Master and Servant'. Enjoy!! 

Alan Hogan - Old and new artwork by Dub567 
[Biography - Alan Hogan - 4Ko]