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Dmitry Savchenko Art Gallery - Dmitry Savchenko Artworks

Dmitry Savchenko Art Gallery - Dmitry Savchenko Artworks

 Exhibitions by Dmitry Savchenko.   Main exhibitions by Dmitry Savchenko in 2015-2016.
 Artworks by Dmitry Savchenko   Photography on canvas. Artworks by Dmitry Savchenko printed on canvas, numbered and hand signed by artist with a certificate of authenticity.
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"Cobweb morning in pidhirtsi castle "

"Loveliness " limited edition of 2/ 50

Pulchritude " , limited edition of 6/ 100

" eva lunia . Barcelona " limited edition of 2/ 50

" flying angel " , limited edition of 15/100

" An amazing grace " , limited edition of 14/100

"Grace in red . Barcelona " limited edition of 3/50

" walk in pidhirtsi castle " , limited edition of

"Old square . Barcelona" LIMITED EDITION OF 2/ 50

'Ballerina in the gallery' Limited Edition 2/50

'Pidhirtsi Castle' Limited Edition 2/50

'The Gothic Quarter. Barcelona' Limited Edition 2/100

'Perception of the beauty' Limited Edition 6/100

'Old mirror at the theatre' Limited Edition 9/100

'Charmingness', Limited Edition 3/100

" light and shadow " , limited edition of 17/ 100

'Artistry', Limited Edition 2/100

'Playing silhouette' Limited Edition 2/50

'Old street .Barcelona' Limited Edition 2/50

" Outlined by the the window " , limited edition of 19/ 100

'The beauty', Limited Edition 2/100

'Reflection of grace' Limited Edition 15/100

" Eva " . limited edition of 2/ 50

'Night. Barcelona', Limited Edition 3/100

'Early morning in Barcelona', Limited Edition 5/100

artwork by Dmitry Savchenko with title " Form elegance " has been included in the International exhibition in " MARZIART Internationale Galerie ",
June 26th - July 22nd, 2015 in Hamburg, Germany
Artwork from the series " Barcelona "
A natural photo made with the special photography technique . Not Photoshop, not collage and etc. 
Created with natural light from the night lanterns and lamps + flash lighting. 
The year since creation - 2015. The Gothic Quarter. Barcelona
Limited edition 6 /100, printed on canvas, numbered and hand signed by artist with a certificate of authenticity.
Hand signed by author ( Oil, tiniest brush ) on the front and hand signed by author on the back.
exact size: 19,7 x 29,5 ( 50cm x 75cm ) 
ready-to-hang Canvas Print , wrapped around wood stretcher bars.

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 Exhibitions by Dmitry Savchenko.
Main exhibitions by Dmitry Savchenko in 2015-2016.
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 Artworks by Dmitry Savchenko
Photography on canvas. Artworks by Dmitry Savchenko printed on canvas, numbered and hand signed by artist with a certificate of authenticity.
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Facebook Page
Born on the 13th of October 1970 in USSR.
The work of art of photographer Dmitry Savchenko
is used by leading world theatres,
such as The Metropolitan Opera ( New York ), 
Opera National de Paris , Teatro alla Scala, 
Teatro Massimo ( Palermo , Italy), 
The Bolshoi Theatre of Russia,
Mariinsky Theatre,
as well as for the purpose of commercial campaigns 
by other administrative 
theatrical institutions and promotions within the ballet industry.
Dmitry Savchenko was able to create to this day an unique 
collection of portraits of lead
world stage masters in the domain of opera and ballet.
From 2006 to 2016, Dmitry Savchenko has exposed his work at 
27 major international exhibitions,
dedicated to the legends of worldwide ballet. A notable exhibition 
was conducted during the visit Her Imperial Highness,
Grand Duchess of Russia Maria Vladimirovna Romanova,
Head of the Russian Imperial House,
during her visit to Los Angeles on the 2nd of May 2010.
Main exhibitions and art auctions in 2015-2016 :
the Art Gallery " TAB ",
February 1st - March 1st, 2015
" La Basílica Galería ",
April 17th - May 29th , 2015
" MARZIART Internationale Galerie "
June 26 th - July 22nd, 2015
Centre d’Affaires de l’Aéroport Nice Côte
29th of June - 2nd of October, 2015
Warszawski Dom Technika NOT
30th September - 19th October 
-The Zamoyski Museum in Kozłówka, Poland
9th January, 2016 
Art & Auction House HERR,
Kunst- & Auktionshaus W. G. HERR. Köln, Deutschland
April-May, 2016
Oakridge Auction Gallery
May, 2016
Works by Dmitry Savchenko are featured in private residential 
collections throughout the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, 
Spain, France and Italy
as well in the private collection of the Royal Romanov family, 
Prince Krzysztof Konstanty Radziwill
Princely House de Ligne ,
-HH Prince Edouard Lamoral de Ligne de La Tremoille,
-HH Princess Isabella de Ligne de La Tremoille ( Isabella Orsini )
in the collection of the Zamoyski Museum in Kozłówka, Poland.
-Dmitry Savchenko's interview for the Exquisit BCN - Exclusive Luxe Spain
-Dmitry Savchenko's interview for Carolyn Edlund,
Executive Director at The Arts Business Institute,
Founder of Artsy Shark, Baltimore, Maryland, Florida area, USA


[Biography - Dmitry Savchenko - 6Ko]

Dmitry Savchenko's Guestbook

are they women or gosts? so misterious...
(Nessy, 13 May 2016)
My approval
My approval! You are truly an epic artist.
(Charlie, 7 March 2016)
Amazing work. Impressive.
(Andrew, 3 February 2016)
Exceptional work here. I am amazed with it.
(Nelli, 29 January 2016)
Truly amazing work here. I am impressed with the whole thing.
(Heather, 24 January 2016)
This is stunning work. I love it a lot and would consider purchasing it for my sunroom.
(Audrey, 15 January 2016)