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Harry Weisburd Art Gallery - Harry Weisburd Artworks

Harry Weisburd Art Gallery - Harry Weisburd Artworks

"Harry Weisburd received LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, 2017, from Who's Who in America, listed 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, REQUIREMENTS: 20 years and more, successful, professional activities, in a specialty (Art) . Harry Weisburd was invited guest speaker, CCA, California College of the Arts, Oakland, California, Alumni Weekend, November 12-13, 2016. Har"


Weekend Barbeque
Woman With Lotus Flowers and Coi Fish
Woman In Black Dress With Man
Woman In Blue Dress With Man
Romeo Romeo 2
Two Women and a Man
Woman In Backless Dress With A Drink
Woman With Lotus Flower
Woman In White Cut Out Gown
Woman In Gold Gown With Man
Woman in White Gown With Man 11
Changing Light Bulb
Woman In Chair Leg UP
Stairway to Heaven Homage to Led Zeppelin
Salome 3
Double Pool Reflections
Woman In Red Thong By The Sea
Woman In White Gown
Found Mr Right
The Hug 2
Mother Nature Creating the Ocean 2 Earth Goddess Hills
The Hug 2
Looking For Mr Right 35
Have We Met Before ?
Woman Taking Off Red Shirt 3D
Eurydice Goes After Orpheus
Bikini On The Beach
Stop In The Name Of The Law
Smartphone Addiction
California Dreamin On A Winters Day
Stairway to Heaven Variations
Looking For Mr Right #27
California Dreamin' 2
Looking For Mr Right # 33
Striped Beach Towel
Looking For Mr Right 33
Mother Nature Creating Sea Earth Goddess Hills
Artist and Model in Blue

ECSTASY , The Journal of Divine Eroticism, Ojai, California . Feature article, "Living Gaia by Lisa Chong. Harry Weisburd's landscape paintings influence by Chinese Philosophy of Yin/ Yang.

[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2017]

Harry Weisburd , Lifetime Achievement Award,  2017,  Who's Who In America
Listed 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013. REQUIREMENT:  20 years or more successful
professional activities, in a specialty , (Ar).

[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2017]

Harry Weisubrd received the Lifetime Achievement Award,  2017,from Who's Who In America. Harry listed 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013
REQUIREMENT:  20 years or more successful professional activities, in a specialty , ( Art).
2016, 2015, 2014, 2013. 
[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2017]

Harry Weisburd, California College of the Arts , San Francisco and Oakland,California ,USA , Alumni Weekend, Nov. 12-13, 2016, Chair person,
Alumni Association
[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2016]

"Chinese Opera Paintings by Harry Weisburd"

OBJECTS OF FOLKLORE EXHIBITION, Oakland Asian Cultural Center, 388 Ninth Street, Suite 290, Oakland, Ca. 94607 (Downtown Oakland, 2nd floor). Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm.  For more information contact: April Kim, Project Manager, Email: akim@oacc.cc  or phone: (510) 637-0455

FEBRUARY 1, 2008-----OPEN

Chinese Opera is a tradition that is over 200 years old. In the past , performers were men who performed as women and men. In recent years women are now performers, as male and females roles.  To be a Super Star Opera Singer, a performer must be an excellent Singer, Dancer, Acrobat and have a knowledge of Kung Fu.

Most training to become an Opera singer starts as early as 6 years old. The style of Opera and dialect of either Mandarin or Cantonese depended in which city  the opera is performed.

Harry Weisburd opera painting are done with Watercolor on stretched canvas. Mr. Weisburd was inspired to create paintings of the Chinese Opera from viewing the opera on cable tv direct from China. He feels the makeup is sensational, the costumes are fabulous and the movement of the men playing women is elegant and graceful. The lighting and stage design for these traditional and contemporary operas is outstanding.   The women playing men is outstanding.
Oakland Asian Cultural Center

Oakland, CA, USA United States of America


[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 3Ko - 2015]


EXPRESSIONS GALLERY, 2035 Ashby Avenue at Shattuck Ave., Berkeley,Ca. 94705, USA

presents a group exhibit with world wide artists in the San Francisco bay area.  

Exhibit includes: Paintings, Sculpture, Prints, Jewelry and Hand Made Clothes.


Among the participants is International artist, Harry Weisurd, who exhibits in England, France and China

Opening: April 12, 2008, 6 - 8 PM

Exhibit: April 12, 2008 - June 6, 2008   Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, Noon - 5 PM

For more information contact: Rinna Flohr, Director, Phone (510) 644 -4930

Email: expressionsgallery@msn.com       Website: http://www.expressionsgallery.org


[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2015]

Harry Weisburd, is exhibited and represented by the Zezhong Gallery, Beijing, China Culture Development Co.,Ltd,Guang Yin Tang Art Avenue, No 50 Wang 5i Yang Chang Yang District, Beijing, China. American Artist Harry Weisburd is exhibiting Figurative and Landscape paintings in Watercolor and Acrylics. 

June 1, 2008  -December 31, 2008.   For Further Information contact :GRACE, artist representative.

Email:    lanrun010@sina.coml   Zezhong Wesbsite:  www.zezhonghualang.com

Website: zezhonghaulang.com

[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2015]



LAS VEGAS, APRIL 1, 2010, "FIRST FRIDAY" event, on Charleston (the Arts Factory and S2 Main Galley)

Title of Painting shown: "Couple on Russian Hill, San Francisco , Overlooking the San Francisco Bay  by Harry Weisburd

[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2015]

Harry Weisburd was selected to be  exhibited in the "Many Forms of Art" at the Berkeley Center Arts Passage, Berkeley, California  April 23  -July 23, 2015
The Art  Passage is the corridor across the street from Berkeley College and across the street from the Berkeley Repertory Theatre , between Milvia and Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley.
Harry is exhibiting a semi-abstract landscape painting done with pastels , title: " Dawn On The River".
[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2015]

"TRANSPORT, Where we go from here" , PRO ARTS GALLERY, 150 Frank H Ogawa Plaze, Oakland, California , 94612  Website; www.proartsgallery.org   January 22 --February 15, 2013  Harry Weisburd is exhibiting a traditionally painted watercolor that converts to 3D image with Chroma Depth, 3D glasses.

[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2013]

LOVE, UNITY AND FREEDOM Art exhibition.  Expressions Gallery, 2035 Ashby Avenue, (Ashby Arts District) , Berkeley, Calif  94703  Website : www.expressionsgalery.org.  January 19--March 15, 2013 . Harry Weisburd is exhibiting a painting that was included in the book of Poems by California Poet, Jack Spicer. "Collected Poems of Jack Spicer"  Wesleyan University Press, 2008.  Painting included in the Poem, "Japonisme"  Jack Spicer available on Google, Search , Jack Spicer.Poet, Japonisme.

[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2013]

Harry Weisburd exhibited in group show "Razzle Dazzle", Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, California, October 30 -January 7, 2011.  Website: http://www.expressionsgallery.org

[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2011]

Harry Weisburd had 2 Pen and Ink Drawings accepted for exhibition at the DIRTY SHOW, 9th  INTERNATIONAL EROTIC ART EXHIBITION, BART'S  WAREHOUSE THEATER, DETROIT, MICHIGAN.  February 8 - 16, 2008

[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2008]


WEBSITE :   www.britishmuseumoferoticart,com


[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2007]



This exhibit include objects from Chinese Opera, Indonesian Gamelan, puppetry and an EXHIBITION OF CHINESE OPERA PAINTINGS  by artist HARRY WEISBURD.

The exhibition is at the OACC, Oakland Asian Cultural Center, 388 Ninth Street,Suite 280, Oakland, California, USA.

MAY , 2007  -----DECEMBER, 2007

The TRADITION OF CHINESE OPERA dates back hundreds of years. In the past ONLY MEN WERE ALLOWED TO PERFORM. ALL WOMENS PARTS.  Often training to become an opera singer began as early as the age of 6. Unlike Western opera, Chinese opera singers also usually had to be excellent dancers. In recent years women now perform doing the women's parts and sometimes also do the men's parts and dress like men. Today in China to be a Chinese Opera Super Star you must be an excellent singer, dancer and familiar at the movements of Kung Fu.





[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2007]

HARRY WEISBURD exhibits his Erotic Art online at THE GUILD OF EROTIC ARTISTS, ENGLAND. WEBSITE :www.theguildoferoticartists.com


[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2007]

 "Stairway to Heaven " 3D Art
Traditionally painted Watercolor , CONVERTS TO 3D IMAGE with clear lens glasses.
[Page - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2011]

 Chinese Opera: A Tradition of over 200 years
Traditional Chinese Opera used to be performed by men only. Men performed both female and male parts. They had to learn to sing and sound like a woman. In recent years, women now also perform in the Chinese Opera. Today to become a Super Star , the singer must not only excel as a singer but excel as a top dancer, acrobat and know movments of Kung F
[Page - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2007]

[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko]

Lifetime Achievement Award to Harry Weisburd
REQUIREMENTS: 20 years or more of successful, professional activity  in a special field  -Fine Arts

[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko]

Harry Weisburd is a member of the SEE ME group.  Exhibited in the Pyramid Gallery,

[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko]

Ecstasy, The Journal of Divine Eroticsm, Feature Article,  Yin/Yang  Landscape  Paintings, of Harry Weisburd.  "Living Gaia" by Lisa Chong.

[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko]

Pyramid Underground Louvre Museum  "See Me " group , Exhibition
Harry Weisburd is member of See Me group.

[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko]

ECSTASY  The Journal of Divine Eroticism, Featured Article, Landscape paintings of Harry Weisbud   , Living Gaia, by Lisa Chong

[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko]

Harry Weisburd's Guestbook

very beautiful
i can imagine every story which you show in artwork! so nice!
(K. N., 7 November 2017)
real talent
great, emotional, passionate.... wow, just wow
(Harry J., 10 March 2017)
so nice gallery!
You have done a great job, your style is unique and recognizable, just woow!
(Bella K., 22 June 2016)
Figurative Art , Is It Still Viable ?

(Harry Weisburd, 12 May 2016)
so pasionate! i am in love with this paintings, all of them.....
(Lilly, 21 April 2016)
passion, beauty and lust, i like your style
(Bob J., 22 March 2016)
This is spectacular work. One of your finest.
(Angie, 11 March 2016)
Wow. Just wow. Great work!
(Emilee G., 2 March 2016)
Remarkable! Splendid. Fantastic! Love it.
(Rhino, 28 February 2016)
Hey all
Carson here. Hey all. Just wanted to stop by and say this is great work.
(Carson, 26 February 2016)
your artworks are great!
so openly and nice, i love your unique style!
(Melissa, 18 February 2016)
The Red Chair
The Red Chair is a really outstanding piece. I like what I have seen in it
(Tessa, 17 February 2016)
Happy Hour
Happy Hour is great. Makes me want to go grab a cocktail of my own.
(Erika, 27 January 2016)
Looks amazing
Looks amazing to me. Great job!!!!!
(Larry, 13 January 2016)
Blonde Selfie 7
I like this. Great job on picking this to paint.
(Dawson, 10 January 2016)
Grand work. I love it. So neat.
(Charlie A., 3 January 2016)
Delights me
This piece delights me to pieces. I love it.
(Karen, 24 December 2015)
This is a great design. I am going to start following your work.
(Sally, 30 October 2015)
Hey this is some great work. I do hope that you are proud of what you have accomplished.
(Sydney, 28 October 2015)
I think that your work is beautiful. You have really captured this quite well.
(Aimee, 24 October 2015)
This is such great work you have done. Talented does not even begin to describe you on this!
(Ellie Anders, 7 October 2015)
So talented
I must say you are rather talented. I love your work and am a huge fan! I want to purchase some.
(Michelle T., 7 October 2015)
I think that you should be very proud of yourself here. You have done a great job on this. The people look so fantastic.
(Adrianne, 29 September 2015)
Raw talent
You really have some raw talent here. I love what you have accomplished in this piece.
(Emill, 24 September 2015)

 "Stairway to Heaven " 3D Art   Traditionally painted Watercolor , CONVERTS TO 3D IMAGE with clear lens glasses.

 Chinese Opera: A Tradition of over 200 years   Traditional Chinese Opera used to be performed by men only. Men performed both female and male parts. They had to learn to sing and sound like a woman. In recent years, women now also perform in the Chinese Opera. Today to become a Super Star , the singer must not only excel as a singer but excel as a top dancer, acrobat and know movments of Kung F