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Harry Weisburd Art Gallery - Harry Weisburd Artworks

Harry Weisburd Art Gallery - Harry Weisburd Artworks

"Harry WEISBURD EXHIBITED WITH THE SEE ME GROUP, LOUVRE MUSEUM, CONTEMPORARY ART UNDERGROUND PYRAMID MUSEUM, PARIS , FRANCE, JULY 13, 2015 Harry Weisburd exhbited in WATER WATER, WATER and California Drought , exhibition, Expressions Gallery , 2035 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, California, 94703 USA July 25--October 16, 2015. Website : www.expressionsgall"


Weekend Barbeque
Woman With Lotus Flowers and Coi Fish
Woman In Black Dress With Man
Woman In Blue Dress With Man
Romeo Romeo 2
Two Women and a Man
Woman In Backless Dress With A Drink
Woman With Lotus Flower
Woman In White Cut Out Gown
Woman In Gold Gown With Man
Woman in White Gown With Man 11
Bikini Babe Undressing On The Beach
Champagne Flowwing For Woman In Red Shoes
The Other Woman
Homage to Picasso Series: Couple in Bed
Happy Hour Man 3 Women
Watching Football On Wide Screen TV
Nature Spirits Mother Nature Waterfall
Marcello Mastrianni and Friend 2
Woman In Backless Dress
Hollywood Star On The Red Carpet
A Glass Of Wine
Selfie in Blue Dress
Champagne Celebration Woman In Short Black Dress
Happy Hour 12
After The Bath 2
Bikiini Babe On The Beach
Blonde Seeking Love and Romance With Man
Barbeque Condo Balcony
California Style Shopper 3
Selfie With Tan
Room With A View 2
Blue Lace See Thru Gown n
Artist and Model, Homage to Egon Schiele
Woman In Red See Thru Dress
Kona Goddesses
2 Bathers
The Bath 2

"Chinese Opera Paintings by Harry Weisburd"

OBJECTS OF FOLKLORE EXHIBITION, Oakland Asian Cultural Center, 388 Ninth Street, Suite 290, Oakland, Ca. 94607 (Downtown Oakland, 2nd floor). Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm.  For more information contact: April Kim, Project Manager, Email: akim@oacc.cc  or phone: (510) 637-0455

FEBRUARY 1, 2008-----OPEN

Chinese Opera is a tradition that is over 200 years old. In the past , performers were men who performed as women and men. In recent years women are now performers, as male and females roles.  To be a Super Star Opera Singer, a performer must be an excellent Singer, Dancer, Acrobat and have a knowledge of Kung Fu.

Most training to become an Opera singer starts as early as 6 years old. The style of Opera and dialect of either Mandarin or Cantonese depended in which city  the opera is performed.

Harry Weisburd opera painting are done with Watercolor on stretched canvas. Mr. Weisburd was inspired to create paintings of the Chinese Opera from viewing the opera on cable tv direct from China. He feels the makeup is sensational, the costumes are fabulous and the movement of the men playing women is elegant and graceful. The lighting and stage design for these traditional and contemporary operas is outstanding.   The women playing men is outstanding.
Oakland Asian Cultural Center

Oakland, CA, USA United States of America


[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 3Ko - 2015]


EXPRESSIONS GALLERY, 2035 Ashby Avenue at Shattuck Ave., Berkeley,Ca. 94705, USA

presents a group exhibit with world wide artists in the San Francisco bay area.  

Exhibit includes: Paintings, Sculpture, Prints, Jewelry and Hand Made Clothes.


Among the participants is International artist, Harry Weisurd, who exhibits in England, France and China

Opening: April 12, 2008, 6 - 8 PM

Exhibit: April 12, 2008 - June 6, 2008   Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, Noon - 5 PM

For more information contact: Rinna Flohr, Director, Phone (510) 644 -4930

Email: expressionsgallery@msn.com       Website: http://www.expressionsgallery.org


[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2015]

Harry Weisburd, is exhibited and represented by the Zezhong Gallery, Beijing, China Culture Development Co.,Ltd,Guang Yin Tang Art Avenue, No 50 Wang 5i Yang Chang Yang District, Beijing, China. American Artist Harry Weisburd is exhibiting Figurative and Landscape paintings in Watercolor and Acrylics. 

June 1, 2008  -December 31, 2008.   For Further Information contact :GRACE, artist representative.

Email:    lanrun010@sina.coml   Zezhong Wesbsite:  www.zezhonghualang.com

Website: zezhonghaulang.com

[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2015]



LAS VEGAS, APRIL 1, 2010, "FIRST FRIDAY" event, on Charleston (the Arts Factory and S2 Main Galley)

Title of Painting shown: "Couple on Russian Hill, San Francisco , Overlooking the San Francisco Bay  by Harry Weisburd

[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2015]

Harry Weisburd was selected to be  exhibited in the "Many Forms of Art" at the Berkeley Center Arts Passage, Berkeley, California  April 23  -July 23, 2015
The Art  Passage is the corridor across the street from Berkeley College and across the street from the Berkeley Repertory Theatre , between Milvia and Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley.
Harry is exhibiting a semi-abstract landscape painting done with pastels , title: " Dawn On The River".
[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2015]

"TRANSPORT, Where we go from here" , PRO ARTS GALLERY, 150 Frank H Ogawa Plaze, Oakland, California , 94612  Website; www.proartsgallery.org   January 22 --February 15, 2013  Harry Weisburd is exhibiting a traditionally painted watercolor that converts to 3D image with Chroma Depth, 3D glasses.

[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2013]

LOVE, UNITY AND FREEDOM Art exhibition.  Expressions Gallery, 2035 Ashby Avenue, (Ashby Arts District) , Berkeley, Calif  94703  Website : www.expressionsgalery.org.  January 19--March 15, 2013 . Harry Weisburd is exhibiting a painting that was included in the book of Poems by California Poet, Jack Spicer. "Collected Poems of Jack Spicer"  Wesleyan University Press, 2008.  Painting included in the Poem, "Japonisme"  Jack Spicer available on Google, Search , Jack Spicer.Poet, Japonisme.

[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2013]

Harry Weisburd exhibited in group show "Razzle Dazzle", Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, California, October 30 -January 7, 2011.  Website: http://www.expressionsgallery.org

[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2011]

Harry Weisburd had 2 Pen and Ink Drawings accepted for exhibition at the DIRTY SHOW, 9th  INTERNATIONAL EROTIC ART EXHIBITION, BART'S  WAREHOUSE THEATER, DETROIT, MICHIGAN.  February 8 - 16, 2008

[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2008]


WEBSITE :   www.britishmuseumoferoticart,com


[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2007]



This exhibit include objects from Chinese Opera, Indonesian Gamelan, puppetry and an EXHIBITION OF CHINESE OPERA PAINTINGS  by artist HARRY WEISBURD.

The exhibition is at the OACC, Oakland Asian Cultural Center, 388 Ninth Street,Suite 280, Oakland, California, USA.

MAY , 2007  -----DECEMBER, 2007

The TRADITION OF CHINESE OPERA dates back hundreds of years. In the past ONLY MEN WERE ALLOWED TO PERFORM. ALL WOMENS PARTS.  Often training to become an opera singer began as early as the age of 6. Unlike Western opera, Chinese opera singers also usually had to be excellent dancers. In recent years women now perform doing the women's parts and sometimes also do the men's parts and dress like men. Today in China to be a Chinese Opera Super Star you must be an excellent singer, dancer and familiar at the movements of Kung Fu.





[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2007]

HARRY WEISBURD exhibits his Erotic Art online at THE GUILD OF EROTIC ARTISTS, ENGLAND. WEBSITE :www.theguildoferoticartists.com


[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2007]

 "Stairway to Heaven " 3D Art
Traditionally painted Watercolor , CONVERTS TO 3D IMAGE with clear lens glasses.
[Page - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2011]

 Chinese Opera: A Tradition of over 200 years
Traditional Chinese Opera used to be performed by men only. Men performed both female and male parts. They had to learn to sing and sound like a woman. In recent years, women now also perform in the Chinese Opera. Today to become a Super Star , the singer must not only excel as a singer but excel as a top dancer, acrobat and know movments of Kung F
[Page - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2007]

 Harry Weisburd was born in New York City. 

 He became interested in art at an early age of 6. Harry brought  a drawing he did of a copy of  Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse. Everyone in his class thought it was outstanding and this encouraged Harry to think about doing more art. As a teenager he attended the art classes  at the Brooklyn Museum Art School in Brooklyn, New York.

 After graduating grade school , Harry entered a New York City wide competition to enter the one of the top Art High School's in the  New York, the School of Industrial Art, now known as the School of Art and Design.   Harry was accepted to become a full time student at  the School o f Art and Design,NYC.   Graduates include top Fashion Designer Calvin Klein, Singer, Tony Bennett, Top Fashion Artist , Antonio and Film Animator Ralph Bakshi. After graduating , Harry competed and won a scholalrship to one of the top art schools in the  country, Parsons School of Design, New York.   Graduates include Top New York Fashion Designer, Donna Karan and Hollywood Fashion Designer, Adrian.

 Mr. Weisburd continued his art studies at the Art Students League , New York City

 Relocated to California and studied and graduated from the California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, California.   Now known as the California College of the Arts, San Francisco and Oakland, Calif.   Harry received his Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees.   Ford Foundation Grant, Calfornia, College of the Arts, 1964.

Upon graduation Harry  began teaching Painting, Drawing and Color Theory as a Professor of Art at the Unversity of Connecticut.   Mr. Weisburd continued his teaching career as a Professor of Art , teaching Sculpture at Westfield State College , Westfield, Massachusetts.
Mr. Weisburd has exhibited his paintings, sculpture and drawings in Art Galleries nationally, inncluding New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, Washington.

Harry has exhibited Internationally, including, Beijing, China, UK, Italy, France , Russia and Japan.

Harry's art has also been published in various magazines and journals including PLAYGIRL magazine;

GALLERY magazine ( pen and ink drawings published monthly for one year);

YELLOW SILK, JOURNAL OF THE EROTIC ARTS, award winning literary journal.  Published for 10 years in Berkeley, California. Harry was the Featured Artist for the entire 5th Anniversary issue.


Mr Weisburd 's art is in numerous public and private collectons, including the Bank of America, Executive Offices, Santa Clara,Calif., American Savings and Loan, San Francisco, Calif.; Holiday Inns, San Francisco, Ca.,;  Westfield
State College, Permanent Art Collection, Westfield, Massachusetts    Private collections including Marika Herskovi, Collector and Publisher of  NY School Press, Art Book Publishers, New York   Alexandra York,  Best selling author Founder and President of the  New York Arts organization, The Art for the 21st Century.  Members include Metropolitan Opera singers,  Musicians, Poets Artists, Broadway producers, actors , actresses and agents .   Mr Robert Lehan, award winning Playwright;  Mr. Jerry Rojo, award winning Scenic Designer. Mr. Jerry Tsai, the "Charles Lingbergh flyer of Taiwan.1

Mr.Weisburd has been award various commissions, including   20 landscape paintings, Benchmark Restaurant, Westin Hotels, San Francisco Airport, 1987.,Commission   14 landscape paintings, SOUTH COAST PLAZA, (Upscale Mall like Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles) Orange County ,California, 1988.

Mr. Weisburd is listed in the Who's Who in America, 2015, 2014, 2013.

Listed in Who's Who in he West, 1998, 1997.

Harry was Featured Artist, "The New York Optimist "Art Magazine.  OCT 15 - 22, 2010  www.thenewyorkoptimist.com

Harry also Featured Artist,  Musetouch Art Magazine, October, 2010  www.musetouch.net

Wrote and published Feature Article,  "Thoughts on Erotic Art", NY ARTS magazine, Sept-Oct, 2008 issue, Vol 13, Page 129.
























[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 6Ko]

"TRANSPORT, Where are we going from here? "  PRO ARTS GALLERY, Exhibition,

January 22, ---February ,15, 2013.  Pro Arts Gallery, 150 Frank H Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, Calif 94612.   Website : www.proartsgallery.org

Harry Weisburd is exhibiting his painting, " Deluxe Accommodations" ( Chauffeured Limo )  Traditionally painted watercolor converts to 3D image with Chroma Depth 3D glasses.

[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko]

"WONDER", Artists Annual Art Exhibition, Berkeley Arts Center, December 6---January 27, 2013. Berkeley Arts Center, 1275 Walnut Street, Berkeley, California, 94709

Website: www.berkeleyartscenter.org


[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko]


Harry Weisburd exhbited in WATER WATER, WATER and California Drought , exhibition,  Expressions Gallery , 2035  Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, California, 94703  USA   July  25--October 16, 2015.     Website :     www.expressionsgallery.org


[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko]

Art Book Publisher and Collector, Marika Herskovic has 4 Weisburd paintings in her collection. Publisher
of NY School  Press Art book publishers .

[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko]

Harry Weisburd is in the collection of Alexandra York, Collector and best selling author of  "Crospoints, A Novel of Choice "  Best selling book about New York Art world, in USA.  Russia and Argentina. 

Founder of President of The Arts for the 21st Century, New York.  Members including  New York City Opera singers, Poets, Writers, Sculptors including,  Fredric Hart, commissioned , relief bronzd sculptue, facade of major cahtedral in America .


In the collection of Marika Herskovic, , collector and Publisher of NY SCHOOL PRESS, Art book publishers, New York,

[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko]

Figurative Artist  Harry Weisburd , was born in New York.

Harry  has been influenced by artists  such as Austrian Artists, Gustave Klimt  and  Egon Schiele. He loves  the  drawings and paintings  of French Artist, Toulouse Lautrec.  He  also likes the Art of  German American  artist,  Richard Lindner.

Harry Graduated , Parsons School of  Design, New York  City.

He continued  his  art studies in California at the California  College of the Arts. Oakland and San Francisco, Calif. He graduated with  MFA and BFA degrees. Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor  of  Fine Arts degree.

Upon graduation he accepted an art position  at the University of Connecticut, as an Assistant Professor of Art. teaching painting, drawing, color theory and art appreciation.


Harry has exhibited in  group and one person exhibitions in New York,  San  Francisco,  Boston,  Los Angeles,  and Seattle, Washington.


Mr Weisburd  has exhibited Internationally in the UK,  France, Italy and Beijing, China.




Harry received  commissions to create 20 landscape paintings  for the Westin Hotels,  San Francisco  Airport,  and  14 landscape  paintings for the South Coast  Plaza,  high end mall,  Orange county, Los Angeles, California.


Harry is listed in Who's Who in America, 2014,  2013

Listed in Who's Who In The  West, 1998, 1997.


Harry's  painting,  Moonlite  Sonata, 3D,  was recently purchased  by Marika,  collector and publisher,  NY School Press, Art book  publshers , New York.


Private Collections:

Robert Mondavi Winery, Yountville, California,   Robert Lehan. Award winning playwright, USA ;  Jerry  Rojo,  Award winning, Stage Designer, USA., and numerous other  private collections.

Public  Collections:

Permanent  Art Collection,  Wesfield State College,  Westfield, Massachusetts, USA;  Holiday Inns,  San  Francisco,  Calif.; American  Savings  and Loan  Assoc., San  Francisco,  Calif., and numerous  other  public  collections.


[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 4Ko]

American Greeting Card Corporation and Hallmark Cards will be publishing greeting cards of the Art of Harry Weisburd, Social Commentary.



[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko]

LOVE, UNITY AND FREEDOM Art Exhibition.  Expressions Gallery, 2035 Ashby Avenue, (Ashby Arts District)  Berkeley, California, 94703  Website:  www.expresionsgallery.org/ January 22, ---March 15, 2013   Harry Weisburd is exhibiting a painting included in the book : "Poems of Jack Spicer"  including with poem, "Japonisme".  Wesleyan University Press, 2008  Jack Spicer is a California poet and can be located on Google;  Search : Jack Spicer, poet, Japonisme.

[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko]

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Harry Weisburd's Guestbook

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Figurative Art , Is It Still Viable ?

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Cool piece of artwork. Would not mind having a piece like this to display in my home.
(Tina, 21 September 2015)
Love and passion always strike peoples hearts. Very romantic painting.

(Mamory, 14 November 2013)

 "Stairway to Heaven " 3D Art   Traditionally painted Watercolor , CONVERTS TO 3D IMAGE with clear lens glasses.

 Chinese Opera: A Tradition of over 200 years   Traditional Chinese Opera used to be performed by men only. Men performed both female and male parts. They had to learn to sing and sound like a woman. In recent years, women now also perform in the Chinese Opera. Today to become a Super Star , the singer must not only excel as a singer but excel as a top dancer, acrobat and know movments of Kung F