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Lyrographies Jc Gisbert Art Gallery - Lyrographies Jc Gisbert Artworks

Lyrographies Jc Gisbert Art Gallery - Lyrographies Jc Gisbert Artworks

 International ArtExpo Summer Rome   International Exhibition Contemporary Art Rome 2017
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e-Streetart - walls of life - Please

e-Streetart - walls of life - old man

lyrographics urban girls - Fashion

lyrographics urban girls - Flowers Revolution

lyrographics urban girls - Keep tea Covert

lyrographics urban girls - city flowers

lyrographics urban girls - No. War

lyrographics urban girls - Blue

lyrographics urban girls - Purple

lyrographics pop girls yellow

lyrographics pop girls green

lyrographics pop girls blue

lyrographics pop girls black

lyrographics pop girls On red

Lyrographics - UCL 1


Think Different

CMYK's woman

CMYK's man



mountains view

Dancers in The paris



International Exhibition ArtExpo Summer Rome 2017 - Domus Romana Gallery Via Quattro Fontane 113 Roma
Contemporary Art Exhibition - Vernissage friday June 2 at 6.pm
Exhibition from June 2 2017 to June 15 2017
Informations : https://www.artintheworld.net/
[Announcement - Lyrographies Jc Gisbert - 2Ko - 2017]

Exhibition Bilbao Spain
From 20 March to 12 April 2016
Space Etxaldea Mirador
"Digital Art"
For further information:

[Announcement - Lyrographies Jc Gisbert - 2Ko - 2017]

All my creations available for download !
Given the various requests received, and the fact that most buyers are from different countries and outside of France, all of my creations can be downloaded, since they are digital,
in the form of a high resolution JPEG file, So that you can print according to your budget, in the format you want (respecting the original proportions and orientation).
The purchase price for download varies from 25 to 50 euros depending on the creation. Payment will only be made via Paypal to guarantee both buyer and seller.
Any additional information can be obtained by sending me an email via the gallery.
[Announcement - Lyrographies Jc Gisbert - 2Ko - 2017]

Important Information

All my artwork is numeric art and it can be realized and sold with the dimensions that you like from US Letter 8,5 x 11 Inch and more...
All my artwork is sold with a certificate of authenticity, name - adress - number of Paypal transaction and signed by me.

Information importante

Toutes mes oeuvres sont numériques et peuvent être réalisées et vedues aux dimensions que vous souhaitez du format A4 à plus...
Toutes mes oeuvres sont vendues avec un certificat d'authenticité comportant le nom, l'adresse, le numéro de transaction Paypal et sont signées par mes soins.
[Announcement - Lyrographies Jc Gisbert - 2Ko - 2017]

 International ArtExpo Summer Rome
International Exhibition Contemporary Art Rome 2017
[Page - Lyrographies Jc Gisbert - 1Ko - 2017]

  - Exposition Bilbao Spain du 20 Mars au 12 Avril 2016 Espace Etxaldea Mirador "Art Numérique" Renseignements : lyrographies@lyrographies.fr Enregistrer Enregistrer
[Announcement - Lyrographies Jc Gisbert - 6Ko - 2017]

  - Jean-Christophe Gisbert Je suis né le 09 Octobre 1965 à Marseille. Auteur de poésie et passionné par le graphisme je tente dans mes créations une union insolite entre l'écriture poétique et l'image."Lyrographies" - mot créé pour la circonstance puisque ces créations se situent à mi-chemin entre la peinture et la poésie...Dans ces œuvres, le lyrique...
[Biography - Lyrographies Jc Gisbert - 21Ko - 2017]

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just wow, i can look at your gallery forever... great job!
(Fred, 18 April 2017)