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Trail riding in Sedona, AZ.

Sharp Turn

Forte Branda at Night, Siena, Italy

Sienese Bull

Tuscan Sheep

The Badia Winery, Chianti Italy,

Venice Gondolier

Venice Alley

African Guard Dogs

Robot Fish

Sea Turtle


My Brother Ed

Bridle Buddies

At the Fountain

I am not much for tooting my own horn and that is probably a bad thing for an artist.  I am more concerned with making art than talking about myself as an artist.  But, people tell me that I need to do this, so I will tell you what I have been doing recently.  I normally work in pastels or acrylics (gave up oils for health reasons), but I have been working more in the digital artfields lately, not that I am going to give up on the tradition medias, but if you do not keep up with the times, then, time passes you by.  For the past two years I been studying digital painting and have entered several shows internationally with my work.  I took 2nd place last year in an international show in Copenhagen and this year I won both 1st and 2nd place awards.  In 2007 I was invited to participate in the Florence Biennial with honors.  I have also won honors with the London ARTNOW exhibitions in 2007 and 2008.  I am also entered into the London Biennial for 2008 - 2009.  I show my work regularly at the "101 Gallery" in Mesa Arizona.     This is what I have been doing to this date May 5, 2009.  I will try to keep a better updating of my work from now on.  I'll try, but not guaranteeing anything.  Thanks for your time.  Paul Andrus
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  Originally from New York, Paul Andrus, now a resident of Arizona has studied art in both the U.S. and Europe.  Trained by the Navy as an illustrator, he went on to study painting in Paris, Copenhagen, New York, and Chicago, acquiring three Master's degrees in Art in the process.  The last degree, he obtained from Northwestern University in Chicago.  He has exhibited in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.  His paintings and pastels have been published in the U.S. by Northlight Books and in England by Quattro Press.  A Master Pastelist, he was a founding member of the Michigan Pastel Association and a member of the Oil Pastel Assoc. of America, the Degas Pastel Society and others.  He has numerous awards for artistic excellence. 

    "Landscapes and cityscapes have always been of keen interest to me.  Growing up in around New York City, I was constantly surrounded by concrete and steel.  However, the complex compositions from these man-made landscapes made their impression on me.  It was only when my father took me camping did I realize the magnificence of nature's landscapes.  I knew that I had to experience all that could, so I joined the Navy.  Afterwards, I went to college and studied abroad at the University of Paris, The École des Beaux-Arts, and the Royal Academy.  In Paris, I studied the great Impressionist painters and learned that they were students of nature, color, and light, trying to catch "a moment in time".  While studying in Chicago with Ed Paschke, I learned about the electric intensity of color.  Color makes the canvas come alive with mystery and beauty.  This is what I try to accomplish with my work." 

                                                        Paul Andrus


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I googled my name for a lark & saw your site. I find your digital prints fascinating! I'm sure it will visit again. Paul
(Paul F. Andrus, 5 June 2013)