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Zhenlian Art Gallery Art Gallery - Zhenlian Art Gallery Artworks

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Zhenlian Art Gallery
Zhenlian Art Gallery
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rainbow illusion 1


Happy stroll

All are curious

Under the lichee

Pink romance

Red grapes and blue bird

Dancing with your enemy

Freinds on holiday

Fish dance

Mermaid holidays

mermaid jugglers

waterfalls no.7

waterfalls no6

waterfalls no.5

waterfalls no.4

waterfalls no.3

waterfalls no.2

waterfalls no.1

elephant fantasy2

elephant fantasy1

Goldfish dream

Autumnal mood

Lazy day


  If you visit www.zhenart.com you will enjoy seeing new Chinese paintings, that is to say I have tried to paint new type of Chinese paintings which are totally different from the traditional way of painting, please give me some critics.


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