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Joanna Pate
Joanna Pate

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The Calm Before the Storm






Back Pain

In Utero





In My Hand 2

In My Hand

In The Sun

Susan and Arden


Fifteen Months

The Mask

 The Art Collective
This is the press release for the grand opening of THE ART COLLECTIVE
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I graduated from Old Dominion University and earned my BFA with a concentration in graphic design. Currently residing in Portsmouth, Virginia, I work as a freelance graphic designer and painter. I work in oils and acrylics as well as colored pencil and water colors. Visit my studio, The Art Collective, in downtown Portsmouth. In addition to freelance work, I also teach painting classes to children part time.

My work has to do with feminism, family, motherhood and birth. My feminist theory is not arguing that I am the same as a man or better. Rather, I celebrate our differences. I rejoice in all the things that make me a woman and in all the things I can do because I am a woman. I have three children (all girls) who are my priority. Family is the main inspiration for all of my work.

I also create paintings for commission from your photograph. Prices start at $250.00 for a 16 x 20 oil painting on canvas. (not including shipping and handling) 
Please contact me for more details on commissions, painting classes or private study. 

Phone:(757) 620-8151


The Art Collective
429 High Street
Portsmouth, Virginia 23704.

Thank you for taking the time to veiw my portfolio. Please check back often as I will be updating on a regular basis!
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(Xander F., 17 April 2009)
Beautiful work
Hi Joanna, I'm one of your Dad's cousins from up north. Originally from New Jersey, now I live in Pennsylvania. Your Mother told me a little bit about you gave me your web site address when they came up for a visit recently. I wanted to write to you and let you know how much I enjoyed looking at your paintings they are beautiful! Good luck with yo.../...
(Karen Trush, 7 April 2008)