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The Artworks of Surealworld Illustrations

Surealworld Illustrations - The Creation Cries Out The Creation Cries Out Surealworld Illustrations

Medium : Acrylic on canvas;Size: 2’ x 4’;Year painted :1998;This painting was done for my sister. she loves Dolphins and she asked me when will i paint a picture for her. When i consider doing this painting i thought about how could i design a illustration that would use the names of fish to teach h...

Surealworld Illustrations - Support Is On The WaySupport Is On The WaySurealworld Illustrations

Medium : Pen and Ink;Size : 11’’ x 15’’;Year completed: 1987;This rendering is part of a body of artwork I did while I was in the Military, entitled ,” The Army Years”. One of my most exciting ride on a helicopter , was when I was serving in the U.S. Air force- Civil Air Patrol, we were helping the ...

Surealworld Illustrations - Pardoned Not Paroled Pardoned Not Paroled Surealworld Illustrations

Size 2’30” x 4’ on canvas Medium acrylic painted 1994;In this painting the theme is with out Jesus there is no escaping our destiny to be punished for our sins and be cast into the eternal lake of fire. The theme first was illustrated in a poems i wrote a year earlier under the same title. The cell ...

Surealworld Illustrations - Living Water Living Water Surealworld Illustrations

Medium : Acrylic on canvas;Size : 2’ x 4’;Year competed : 1992;This painting is part of the collection of artwork I did during my military service, this collection is entitled : The Army Years.;This painting is the second spiritual paint, I did, the first spiritual painting i did ,was the first vers...

Surealworld Illustrations - Sower And The Seed Sower And The Seed Surealworld Illustrations

medium acrylic;Size 3 ft. x 4 ft.;year 1997;this painting illustrates The Parable The Sower And The Seed, A teaching of Jesus’ , recorded in the book of Matthew, chapter 13. The 4 heart in the sky represent 4 different responses of those who hear the Gospel message.;Heart on the lower left , represe...

Surealworld Illustrations - Vision Of The Four Beast Leopard Vision Of The Four Beast Leopard Surealworld Illustrations

Medium : Pen and Ink on Bristol Board.;Size : 11” x 15 ”;Year completed : 1987;This rendering is part of a collection of illustration I was asked to do for a college;professor who taught a course on Daniel / Revelation at a Bible college which I attended. He used these illustrations as part of his t...

Surealworld Illustrations - The Soul HarvestThe Soul HarvestSurealworld Illustrations

The Soul Harvest is a 4ft. x 5ft acrylic painting. This work is surreal in style and Spiritual in content. It was painted 2002 -2004. This painting illustrates the world as being a field filled with souls from ever corner of the earth needing to be saved from eternal death which is the punishment f...

Surealworld Illustrations - Time Moves OnTime Moves OnSurealworld Illustrations

Medium : Pen and ink on Bristol Board;Size : 11'' x 12 ' ;Year illustrated : 1987;This broken down wagon illustration was part of a group of renderings I had done for some missionaries who where putting together a pamphlet to promote the services their ministry had to offered to the military ....