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Painting ... for me it is a vibration of color, the wonders of color transitions in the touch of one color with another, these are the sensations, those reactions that occur in the soul from the process of creating harmony of all these color spots. This is the language of painting on which I try to talk. Many sensations are subconsciously postponed
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July 14, 1948 - was born in Belarus, Berezino town.
1966-1971 - Study at the Minsk Art Colledge.
1971-1977 - student of the Art Academy.
1972-1982 - art exhibitions in the cities of Vilnius,Minsk,Moscow.
1992 - 2001 - personal art exhibitions in Germany in the cities of Bremen, Hanover, West Berlin, Volfenbuttel< Veshelde.

Collections: City Hail in Hiroshima, Japan.
                 The Turkish Embassy in Minsk.
                 The Chinese Embassy in Minsk.
                 12 paintings in private collections of Georges Carpantier in Amiens. France.
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  - 1948 - родился 14 июля в Белоруссии. 1967-1971 - учёба в Минском художественном училище им. Глебова. 1971-1977 - студент Академии художеств, г.Минск. ВЫСТАВКИ: 1978 - Выставка лучших диплмных работ страны, г.Вильнюс. 1981 - Выставка в Центральном доме художника, г.Москва. 1982 - Выставка "Молодость страны", Манеж, г.Москва. 1983 - 1991 - участие в ...
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