Tiziana Ciaghi


Wild Roses


I live in Rovereto the north of Italy near Trento (Trentino Alto-Adige Region). This Region,situated at the feet of the Alps, is characterised by evocative alpine landscapes:lakes, valleys, woods and majestic peaks. The people who live here identify very deeply with the mountains that surround them.Personally it it only immersing myself totally in these landscapes that I'm able to regain a sense of peace, beauty and to wonder at the splendour of it all. Nature is a Temple that holds within itself a universal language of memories, signs, traces and sensations that communicate with the observer not through words but through deep and intimate feelings: the absolute and the inexpressible. Light and darkness. Simple, natural landscapes never cease to amaze me and they always offer something of new. The emotions I experience however are never simple: they are as complex as the symbolic language of our inner soul My spirit is with the Nature, I like mountain landscapes, wildlife, lakes, the silence and harmony, light and colors, the free space, the sense of wonder. Along of this reside my hope to communicate the message to carefully preserve from destruction something that will not be never reproducible.


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