Tracy Bell

Apollo Boy


Pet & Wolf Portraits


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I have found my true passion, in painting pet portraits, and wolf portraits.

I am new to the art scene as of January 2008, when I first picked up a pencil and tried to sketch a wolf.  From there I have taught myself about shadows and highlights and getting the right porportions correct.  I did a lot of sketches before moving on to pastels.  I enjoyed the pastels greatly, but thought I should also learn another medium too.  I choose acrylics, and that was another whole ball game of learning again.

I love painting now with either pastels or acrylics, and as an artist, I am always learning something new and enjoying every minute of it. 


 Keeping their memory alive!

Pet portraits mean a great deal to me, as I am able to as an artist  portray their personalities through the portraits I paint.

I can also sympathize with the owners of a pet that has passed away.  The sorrow they feel, and sometimes the guilt that goes with it.

As an artist, I can perserve their memories on canvas. 




I do commissioned portraits of all sizes, and for very reasonable prices. 


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