James E. Dunbar

Sun Of Africa

White Mangolia Flowers Of Black Sky's

 West African Grirl Of Promise
This Limited edition print on canvas is A beautiful example of the west African culture!
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My name is James Dunbar. I am a local Portland area artist, and have been on the Portland art scene for about 3 years now. I was born in Phoenix Arizona. My mother moved us to Oregon to live on my Uncle Buddy's goat farm, located in Independence, Oregon. After 2 years on the farm we moved to North Portland to stay with my Grandma and Grandpa. It was then that my mom married a great guy; the late James Vaughn who I still think of as my dad today!

I've always wanted to be an artist. Since the age of 8 my stepdad made me feel as if my early art was the best in the world! I remember as a very young kid seeing and hearing him tell everyone who came over to visit that my animal drawings were incredible! He hung them on all the walls of the house as if I were famous or something. He kept me motivated all the way up to the day of his untimely death when I was just 15. After that I kind of lost my desire to draw and paint. So, here I am 20 years later trying to stir up the wonderful gift that God has blessed me with.

After more than a 20 year absence from the art scene, I owe most of my new found success to some very important people in my life. The first person is my wonderful, beautiful lady Robyn, without her by my side I might have given up on my dreams. Also the one and only Gary Lawrence who has taken me in as if I were family! Mr. Lawrence has kept me hungry and motivated to excel at a very high level for the first time since I was a very young boy. I would also like to take this time to pay a special tribute to my late mom Betty J. Taylor who did everything possible to raise my sisters and I the best way possible God bless you mom. 

My art mentors have been mainly one artist and that is Norman Rockwell. As a kid I must've owned about 5 of his books, which I still have to this day. I loved looking at and reading all about the Saturday Evening Post magazine. The stories that Mr. Rockwell told with his works of art will always be with me for life!

The colors of the New York Artist Jacob Lawrence also inspired and influenced my art to this day. If I were to state any modern day artist that inspires me, I would have to say that I just love the colors and textures of Amanda Dunbar's work. By the way, she has a great last name too!

Ok, bear with me everyone, I've saved this artist for last because like so many people I couldn't believe how great the man of light has touch us all with his master pieces - the one and only Thomas Kincade.

Well, that's about all for now. I hope that everyone has enjoyed reading these words of mine that truly come from the heart of me and were written by me, the artist,


James E. Dunbar


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