Kostiantyn Shyptia

Dragom Play


Dear friends! I want show my new artwork to you. I hope they will please you.

With the best wishes. Kostiantyn Shyptia.



[Announcement - Kostiantyn Shyptia - 1Ko - 2010]

My creative way  I began in three-year age, when drew the first scrawls on wallpapers. My parents were distressed. My career of artist moved up slowly. I finished artistic school in the town. Then I studied for professionals-artists.

Alexander Blok said: «Duty of artist to show, but not to prove». These words determine essence of creative man. And I uphold this view on an art.

Biography of man is a range of dats and numbers which replace personality the set of dry numbers. And there is a living man between the first and last date. Most important in my biography that I was born and I do my favourite business – create pictures. I try show to the people that disturbs and makes happy me in this enormous and wonderful world.

In my life and in artcreation my motto  there is the Latin saying: «Dum spiro, spero». These words help me to swim across worldly ocean of problems and anxieties, where around still human fates shine are  little lights in darkness of the universe.

I am important to know, what senses and ideas cause my works for you. Because without the audience the picture look like exotic birds, hidden after a high fence. In loneliness and melancholy their bright feathers fade, and ringings voices become deaf and sorrowful.

[Biography - Kostiantyn Shyptia - 2Ko]