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Art is not what you see, but what you make others see!!!


Mariana Paints The unexpected of Abstract Art From {5th of november to 25th of November 2006}

      Mariana Dababneh, Jordanian lady, with the love and passion to flying and sky expressed by the means of colors and brushes is preparing for her first exhibition in the fancy Blue Fig Café in Abdoun. 

    Dababneh's paintings, over 25 in number, will be exhibited from the 5th of November to the 29th of November, all in acrylic and oil on canvas expressed in various colors that extend from the deep hot red as in her painting "Love Birds" to the cold blue as in "Water Falls" and so many other paintings included in her collection which includes our everyday feelings and incidents. Our artist thinks that Abstract art is not about shapes and colors, it's about how you observe and feel things and paint them your own way. Abstract art can be viewed through eyes, but also can be felt much beyond where you can read the unseen words.


2oo6 November


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“Part of what I'm about is seeing how I can paint the same thing differently instead of different things the same way.”
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unconventional and freedom loving individual in the trust sence ,have strong opinions which hold onto adamantly ,because of this ,others sometimes, get the impression that im quit stabborn and headstrong
even so ,im frindly &sociable... i might be someone who prefers a few close friends,this can make me seems somewhat cool & a bit detached.....but im very independent & there is a part of me that want to be sure that my personal freedom is preserved cause no one could follow me very far down the road of my free_spirited distany ....i have so much potintional for questioning and doubting all the recived wisdom of the world in me that i will eaither trust my path , no matter where it leads
Dancing between fantacy & reality is a way of life as i attempt to reach my dreams wile keeping my feet on the ground ...i beleve that  determination & extra effort can make a differance in ones life & i beleve that morning light can be swallowed by fog  but im reminded that progress is achieved most without concerns for immediat rewards ....















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M ariana was  born  on 27/1/1977.

She's deeply interested in all kinds of arts. She is most inspired by music that contacts  the soul, every  thing pulsing with colors, love poems, nature, and people talks.  '' When I paint, I feel off in my own little world, I feel taken to the far reaches of the universe, I feel energetic and curious to finish my paintings, leading me on a broad range of fulfillment of pleasure and happiness. ''Art is a big chalange,because,artists do understand the language of brushes & colors,while people vary with the meanings." 



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