Mirek Sledz

Russian church 2

Russian church 1

My artist story began many years ago when I was small child. I had an accident - I fall down

into catch-basin and catch a cold my ears. After this accident I spent many times in the hospital and my hear was worse. Just there Ibegan my art story because spent many hours

for drawing and painting. Specially I liked draw fruits:apples, grapes,cherries,strawberries.

When I was 3-7 years old my artist creation was very dynamic but when I go to primary school then I lose my art hobby because I had less time of this.

When I was 20 years old my hear was as bad that I must began use hearid-aid.

In this time my best hobby was photo. I did plenty pictures my cheap photo-camera and I liked also playing guitar. Soon I get a job in the factory where I sew clothes and dresses for army. There I met beautiful girl name Joanna and I fall in love in her. I dreams about her day and night and I try various ways in order to she could be my wife. Nothing. Zero. My love story was quite unfortunate. My work become also worse and finally I lose my job. Tragedy. In order to I could forget about my love girl I began again painting and  drawing pictures. This passion was very dynamic because I painted sometimes 5 pictures every day. After two years various experiments I created own new style and I gave him name "quadrism" or "kwadryzm" This style was a little alike to cubism forms but my shapes was more spice and total extreme. It was in 1993 year. in period half a year I created 200 quadrism pictures. Soon I met my manager- Pierre Michelle Zalewski. First exhibition my quadrism style was in Brussel - Centre Culturel Marius Staquet. Next my kwadryzm began travelled through all world. To today time I had about fifty exhibitions.                                                                           


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