Oleg Luk`Yanenko

Fate allegory

Genesis triptych

Oleg Lookyanenko

Nickname – Look


     Seeks development of his personality thought active involvement with life. Capable of throwing himself immediately and fully into any situation which interests him. An energetic, sociable and optimistic person, never looks back, always strives for perfection and development. Enthusiastic about so many things: music, theater, painting, ancient arts. Fond of traveling and communicating with other people. Seem to be the on same wavelengths with all go-getters of the world. Enterprising and ambitious in forging a career of himself. Runs his own business. A versatile, all round personality who seems to know something about everything the so-called Walking Encyclopedia.


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  - СТ-АВ И ЦЕ АБ ЭК ОЛ ЛУ Тв - эт не то ак са, но и по пр ха ми, по ег во ху. В со по си ак ок по вс зн и за на в жи ХХ ве. Аб не ст ис. Он, со, и во ка ре на ус ми и пр о нё. В по эп лю ви и жи из ст не то ху от на ре ав, но и не в се не об ко са ху и ...
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