Olexandr Boyarko Art Glass Jewellery

the necklace


Hello, my name is Olexandr. I live and create in Ukraine.

My career has started in 1994, when I have entered Lviv College of Decorative Arts. There was a good training for artisans, but unfortunately there weren't any opportunities for original creation. This college didn't provide place for uncommon ideas. I trust the situation is changing, due to young teachers.

Having completed four years of my college studies, I've found no sense to continue education in that College. Therefore in 1998 I've entered Lviv Academy of Arts. There the situation was exactly converse: total absence of material and technical resources on the one hand, and unlimited space for creative ideas on the other hand. Probably, just there my ability to create from nothing was cultivated. I have learned to create works, worthy of attention, which even took prize-winning places at exhibitions.

This experience proved useful to me later, when in 2004, I've graduated from the academy and faced with the choice what shall I do next. Being without a penny, I needed to survive, considering that perspective of working as an office designer under advertising agencies and publishing houses terrified me.

That was a start. The heap of stained glass fragments, left over by my hostel housemate, the cheapest glasscutter for 1 $, borrowed muffler in a terrible condition, my brain and my hands - that's all I had. I've tried to melt stained glass and to make from it something like adornment. Of course, nothing came out of it. One little fragment among kilograms of fused muck has brought hope to me. Since that time, I have made thousands of successful and vain attempts, spoiled dozens of square meters of expensive glass until I did not get good result.

I continue to experiment with material still now. Glass provides infinite possibilities for this. Every time I find some surprise in it. Besides, technology of glass fusing is such admirable, that each item is unique. It is impossible to make exact copy.

My job, my hobby, and my rest has fused. Work gives me a great pleasure, and when I have a rest, I take pencil and draw, because ideas overfill my head. But the most pleasant moment becomes when I finally see shining eyes of enthusiastic women, trying on my creations. This gives me wonderful emotions, I feel that I am the happiest person in the world, because I give happiness to others. I think it is worth to create.