Rokhsareh Omid Banai

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 The nature of art
A movement is perpetual in nature that simultaneously generates the growth and evolution in their fullness.
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 Rokhsareh & Omid Banai  live together since 1985 ,  

We will make our  works (sculpture) more  collaboratively .

Signing of the joint use of our works at Rokhi & Omid  

 Rokhsareh also makes jewelry (hand made).  

 Omid  also paint.

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 طبیعتِ هـنـر و هنر درطبیعت
در طبیعت همواره تکا پوئی در جریان است که: توسعه و تحول را همزمان درکُلیت خود پدید می آورد.
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