Sammy Holmes

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My name is Sammy Holmes and I live in the sunny south. Some call it LA. No, not Los Angeles, but lower Alabama.

I have been in love with art since a very young age. I use to watch my old uncle sketch and really admired his work. In 1987, I began teaching myself oil painting and that was really my first experince at art of any kind. I knew I had some talent and my wife Bobbie encouraged me to show it off. I entered a local sidewalk art show with a homemade display and about 15 paintings. I won a purchase award the very first day of that weekend and sold a couple more paintings. Over the years, I have won several awards and ribbons. At that time in my life, I was on fire. It seemed I couldn't paint enough to please my hunger for more sales or my love and enjoyment of painting.

Things in your life never stays the same, so after some bad times in my life in 1991, my wife, my pal and my greatest friend, (all the same person), became very sick and remained sick for years. I gave up on painting for the next 15 years.

In January of 2007, I retired from work at the age of 64. It got pretty boring around home with nothing to do, so I developed a new interest in painting, but this time I decided to teach myself watercolor as I did oil painting back in 1987. Now I'm hooked on both. Since I started back learning in May, I paint nearly every day.

I hope you enjoy my work as you walk through my website. Thanks so much for your visit and hopefully, one day, you will have a Sammy Holmes painting hanging on your wall.
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