Victor Onyshchenko

Church in Kiev

Beginning of Summer

Born December 10, 1977 in Chernihiv (Ukraine), in the family of the artist Vyacheslav Onyshchenko. Thanks to my father, from childhood I was involved in the atmosphere of fine art. I watched the process of creating small and monumental works.

I graduated from the department of painting of the Republican art secondary school. T.G. Shevchenko in the city of Kyiv. In 1996, I entered the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Kyiv). From the third year I studied in a group of landscape painting with Professor Vasily Ivanovich Zabashta.

Since 2011 I participate in all-Ukrainian and international exhibitions. Since 2017, I became a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

I like to paint Ukrainian landscapes. I work plein air in the picturesque corners of the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions. In parallel with working in nature, I create easel paintings in the studio, based on the experience gained from nature.

In my paintings I combine a classical school, coming from Russian Wanderers, with the techniques of the Impressionists. I strive for harmony of color and a fresh, lively, bold manner of painting.

Last Exhibitions:
February 2019. Anniversary exhibition of the Kyiv organization of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. Kyiv.
July 2019 - All-Ukrainian Triennial of Painting. Kyiv.
November 2019 - International Triennial "Wandering Philosophy", Kremenchug City Art Gallery.


[Biography - Victor Onyshchenko - 3Ko]

Victor born in Chernihiv, Ukraine, December 1977.
Member of Artists union of Ukrine.
Live and work in Kyiv.
Works in a genre of a landscape and a subject painting.
Prefers realism and impressionism.

Studied at T.G.Shevchenko State Art School and The National Academy of Fine Art and Archiecture, Kiev, Ukraine.

Main Exhibitions:
November 2011 - Personal Exhibition - Gallery 24, Chernihiv.
February 2012 - Simferopol art nuseum, Crimea.
September 2012 - Personal Exhibition - Molodezhny Theatre, Chernihiv.
December 2013 - January 2014 - Personal Exhibition - Museum of Arts, Chernihiv.
August 2014 - "Independence Day" exhibition in Central Artist House, Kyiv.
May 2015 - "Beautiful Ukraine", Chernihiv.
October 2015 - "Artists Day" in Central Artist House, Kyiv.
January 2016 - "Christmas exhibition" - Central Artist House, Kyiv.
June 2016 - Memorial to A.I. Kuindzhy - Mariupol.
Aprel 2016 - "Easter exhibition", Chernihiv.
May 2016 - "Beautiful Ukraine", Sumy.
August 2016 - "Independence Day exhibition" - Central Artist House, Kyiv.
October 2016 - "Day of the Artists" - Central Artist House, Kyiv.
January 2017 - "Christmas exhibition" -
Central Artist House, Kyiv.
May 2017 - "Beautiful Ukraine", Severodonetsk.
July 2017 - Personal with Roman Nayden "Around us" - In the exhibition hall of the Union of Artists, Chernihiv.
August 2017 - "Independence Day" exhibition - Central Artist House, Kyiv.
September 2017 - "The wonderful colors of the Dnieper" - Dnipro.

[Biography - Victor Onyshchenko - 3Ko]