Xiaoying Li

Horse 1

Horses 2

I was born in rural Southwestern China surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery.  As I came from a minority group, crafts and art were a part of our life.  I studied painting in university and learned a wide variety of styles. I have exhibited works in Beijing, Guangzhou, chongqing and a variety of other cities.  My main passions in painting is focused on creating either very detailed fine art Chinese brush works or landscapes.  I enjoy recreating some of the most difficult and time consuming ancient Chinese paintings with horses or figures.  I moved to America several years ago and have now started art as my career. I teach painting classes and exhibit locally in the Kalamazoo , Michigan area where I have won awards for my detailed artworks.  I am open to creating custom commissioned work, recreating landscapes from pictures or fine artworks from your favorite subject matters.  You can see more of my work on my facebook page and can also email me at xylart520@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you.  Many blessings.
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