Yang Jekyll



Yang Yang

Kunming China

Young learning growing painter/artist

In my life drawing and painting has been a ceaseless habit.
A lot of my inspiration comes from unexpected bits of color and texture; for example, it may be from a smear or stain on old bricks that an idea is sparked.  

When I record the beautiful things I see it is my aim to pursue the most fundamental sense of beauty which embodies spirit, consciousness, and emotion while transmitting an energetic point of view.From the pictures it can be seen how I view myself, society, and the world.  If some resonance is produced in the viewer or they receive only a few thoughts and feelings to reflect on, then the most important aspects have been realized and the value of the work discovered.

My self practice is to achieve a particular state where each picture shows a smooth and unhindered capability, then I will have accomplished my goals as an artist.

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