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Artwork >> Jean Chazy >> axis

Artwork >> Jean Chazy >> axis

Jean Chazy
stretch film concrete iron - 59 Inches x 31 Inches
Find fountain d'une representation which themselves gives no view word , n'est not easy . We must watch d'où this comes , how , or this go , in which place . It needs decode the symbolic material and from reports tension of which are placed in play . Here he s'agit dice l'hopital dice l'hôtel-Dieu giving on the place Notre-Dame of paris where found the zero kilometer of plate La france . it needs well one minute six km hour to travel " Shaft " . It has took one kilometer and a half film stretch to realize the work d'une tension of approaching hundred kilos .

15000 US$

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Artworks Media : Abstract - Sculpture To - Scultura - Set