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Documents of type "Page"

Documents of type "Page" 

Here is how you can 
do it.

1- Start by clicking on the “Pages” Icon in your management task bar

2- Click the link saying “publication of a page”

Now, you will be taken to a smart text editor where you are able to write down anything you want while adding smiles, comments, changing fonts and colors of your page or even add HTML code to it.

Do not forget to add a title and a description for your page before you hit the “Save” Button at the end of the page.

3- After hitting “save” you will be taken back to your management page.

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Documents of type "Page"


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ArtsCad.com analyze the language of the pages, biographies and advertisements to classify them in: English, French, German, Spaniard, Italian
The documents will be displayed only to the visitors speaking the language in which they are written. 
For international documents, translate them into several languages, create as many documents as language.
ArtsCad.com will automatically choose which version (language) of the document, to display according to the language spoken about the visitors.