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Artwork >> Animesh Roy >> Fall Raven

Artwork >> Animesh Roy >> Fall Raven

"Fall Raven"
Animesh Roy
Oil on Linen - 24 Inches x 31 Inches
Ravens during autumn look very dramatic!! I have been observing ravens' black especially against the autumnal colours of orange-yellow-red!! It looks stunning as a colour combination...  I don't know why this dramatic colour combination didn't catch my eyes earlier...Maybe because this is my first autumn after the eye surgery?!! I have been painting autumnal colours for years but in a straightforward landscape... I think i am completely hooked to this.. i have been studying crows & ravens for some years but to put them against an autumnal background is something that didn't occur to me...Planning to do more oils on this theme\motif of 'raven & autumn'! Ravens in cold snowy winter could also be something i could paint...but that's another story as i don't have any 'winter studio' yet!!

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