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Artwork >> Animesh Roy >> Anya Vapa (कोयल/Kokila)

Artwork >> Animesh Roy >> Anya Vapa (कोयल/Kokila)

"Anya Vapa (कोयल/Kokila)"
Animesh Roy
Oil on Linen - 21 Inches x 29 Inches
'Anya-Vapa'* | कोयल\Kokila**
Oil on Linen
28.7x21.3 inches
October 2019
For Sale
**कोयल\Kokila\Koel the most romantic & popular bird from the Indian culture.
"The word "koel" is onomatopoeic in origin. The Sanskrit root is "Kokila" and the words in various Indian languages are similar. Being familiar birds with loud calls, references to them are common in folklore, myth and poetry. It is traditionally held in high regard for its song and revered in the Manusmriti, an ancient decree protecting them from harm. The Vedas, Sanskrit literature dated to about 2000 BC referred to it as Anya-Vapa* which has been translated as "that which was raised by others" (or "sown for others to reap"). This has been interpreted as the earliest knowledge of brood parasitism. The male's plumage is black, like a raven. They are of a similar size to ravens and are known to have territories that overlap with ravens. It has been chosen as the state bird by the Indian union territory of Puducherry. These birds were once very popular in India as cagebirds. Feeding even on boiled rice, these hardy birds lived in captivity for as long as 14 years. [Wikipedia Courtesy]
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