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Daniel C. Boyer Art Gallery - Daniel C. Boyer Artworks

Daniel C. Boyer Art Gallery - Daniel C. Boyer Artworks

"DEMONSTRATIONS 199 Art in the Garden , Portage Township, Houghton County, Michigan, USA SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2007 Love and Loneliness , Omphale Gallery, Calumet, Michigan, USA 2004 The Human Landscape , Marquette Arts and Culture Center, Marquette, Michigan, USA 2003 Matrices , Turquoise Art Gallery, Hancock, Michigan, USA 2001 Kerredge Gallery, Hancoc"

Daniel C. Boyer
Daniel C. Boyer
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Oriental Man With Tiger

Tribute to the Yellow Girl

The Thumb's Mystery

The Collapsed Horizon

The Spectral Tooth-Diamonds

The Masters at the Point of Spidery Old Age

Tribute to Jan Hathaway

The Knight Errant Struggles Against Defeatism and the Myth of Pregnancy

The Girl with Pigtails is Delivered Tenderly to the Rotting Lion Who Commands the Golden Horizon

Their Furry Spirits Hold Up the Arch of the Sky

Púbolesque Head of Antimachus

Why E.F. Grannell Rocks

Profound History of the Victoria Cross

Spectres of Mute Anger Hunger and Emerge Against the Head of Ritual and the Two Satanic Dots

Tribute to the Irrealist Philosophers

The Netherlandish House (Tribute to Hyperrealism)

Brutal Incident at Coolington

You Open the Refrigerator Door...

Memoir of My Years at U of M

On Wall Street

The Natural Philosophy of Frustration

The War at Sixteen

Tribute to Lori Berenson

We Come to Where the Trail Goes Cold

The Shimmering Blue Drowning Heads War Against Two Asterisks of Air-conditioned Cool Grey-Green-Gold-Black of the Stress-busters

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