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Sorin Apostolescu Art Gallery - Sorin Apostolescu Artworks

Sorin Apostolescu Art Gallery - Sorin Apostolescu Artworks

"Sorin Apostolescu born in a litle town in Carpathian Mauntains, Azuga in 1960.He live and study in Roumania and France, is a Member of SBA Lyon and He had Exhibitions in Roumania, France, Brasil, Germany, Italy,etc. True one decision of an International Jury, roumanian Artist was nominated and accepted for prestigious ArtCatalog International Conte"


Meet Romanian Artist Sorin Apostolescu

Dark-sunflower-sorin-apostolescuA very evocative image don't you think? It evokes thoughts of fields of sunflowers under a ripening moon. I also think the composition is intriguing...the main flower head looks to the left and only gives us its side to contemplate while the background flowers give but a hint at their mystery. This painting, "Dark Sunflower" is by artistSorin Apostolescu.  It won first place in a recent contest at the artist website Fine Art America.

Sorin Apostolescu is an artist who lives in the mountain community of Azuga, Romania. He graciously agreed to be interviewed here at Mosaic Mandalas.

Q: Sorin, you live in Azuga, Romania...this is a town noted for its ski resort, correct?  Do you find your location to be inspirational for your art?

Sorin: Yes, I live in a small mountain town; Azuga is a small ski resort. HeAzugare the scenery is beautiful and always inspiring me. I love to travel and see everything that inspires me.

*The ski resort at Azuga is home to the longest ski run in Romania.  I found this awesome view at Travel to Romania - the mountains there would inspire me, too.

Q: In looking at your Fine Art America site's galleries, it shows that besides painting you also have done work in wood sculpture and folk art - can you describe these three mediums? In other words:

  •     what do you believe painting allows you to express?

Sorin: Painting helps me to express myself in color and to use light in a special way. I am an optimistic painter who wants to externalize feelings.

  •     what can you say through wood sculpture that other mediums don't offer?

Sorin: [with] Wood I'm looking for form, tradition, faith and warmth. [Wood] is a special environment in both painting and sculpture.

  •    what does folk art let you say as an artist?

Sorin: Folk Art, transmitted by shape and color , tradition and customs of a nation - I try to present an ancestral way of life.

Q: Overall what inspires you as an artist?

Spring-in-france-sorin-apostolescuSorin: I am very sensitive to color in nature, people's faces and their feelings.

Q: How did you begin as an artist? Your biography indicates that you are also an engineer in electronics; do you find that engineering has an element of creativity that appeals to the artist in you?

Sorin: Drawing and painting since I know myself...In primary school I was invited to draw on the board [in front of] all the other children...time passed and [everyone] was silent; I think it was the beginning. I did research in electronics and that's why I have not attached a style - I try to externalize as well as in different forms and styles.

Q: Do you have an artist - past or contemporary - who inspires you?

Sorin: I am fascinated by Rembrandt and Michelangelo, but in my work I try to be just Sorin.

Q: I'm intrigued by your paintings on wood...why wood? What differences do you find between canvas and wood and how do those surfaces affect paint and the final outcome of the piece?

Sorin: In a mountain house, nothing is better than a painting on wood. It fits very well with the rustic architecture. Slices of wood with natural bark looks great. In Europe, Austria, France, Northern Italy, Switzerland and Germany it is a very popular style. From this point of view the American film Twin Pics inspired me!!!! [I think maybe Twin Peaks?]

Q: You have a series of religious paintings in your online gallery: what is the importance of theseSt-mary-icon-sorin-apostolescuworks for you?

Sorin: I am a person who believes in God and as an artist I need to externalize...Just so, the icons and frescoes is my artistic vision.

Q: In your own work, which is your personal favorite and why?

Sorin: "Early in The Morning" -  [to me this] is a beautiful Autumn full of optimissm...and I'm an optimist.

Q: What is your opinion as to the value of selling original artwork via the internet? What would be your advice to an artist thinking about getting started with a presence on the internet? Where should they start? How did you start?

Sorin: It is a complicated problem;  as a marketing need I use the Internet; [however] to sell at its true value, only shows life [ look at work in person]....Hm, Hm...I have started opposite...

Q: What are your artistic goals for the remainder of this year 2011?

Sorin: Become a very familiar artist in USA, Canada and I can promote my project, "Project Nature!!!!"

Thank you Sorin, for sharing your artist views. Yes, the world is full of fascinating people and I found artists - of all media - to be among the most fascinating of all.

[Announcement - Sorin Apostolescu - 22Ko - 2014]

         Sorin Apostolescu born in a litle town in Carpathian Mauntains, Azuga in 1960.He live and study in Roumania and France, is a Member of SBA Lyon and He had Exhibitions in Roumania, France, Brasil, Germany, Italy,etc.
True one decision of an International Jury, roumanian Artist was nominated and accepted  for prestigious ArtCatalog International Contemporany Masters, World Wide Art Books and International Dictionary Artist.
Thank you for your attention and I wish you pleasant viewing !
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  - Sorin Apostolescu né dans une ville litle dans Carpates mauntains, Azuga dans la 1960.He vivre et étudier en Roumanie et en France, est un membre du SBA Lyon et il avait Expositions en Roumanie, France, Brésil, Allemagne, Italie, etc. Vrai une décision d'un jury international, a été nommé Artiste roumain et accepté pour ArtCatalog internationaux pr...
[Biography - Sorin Apostolescu - 2Ko - 2015]