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 Gyuri Lohmuller - motto
If I ever make a good painting, I will be excused for being a painter
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 caffeine for reason - LIFE
The only safe way in life, is the one to the loss.
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 caffeine for reason - ART
If I ever make a good painting, I will be excused for being a painter.
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 The full beauty aches. But what a beautiful pain!
The painting must be more than a song in the bath-room.
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                Well , I have not a spectaculous biography. No much exhibitions, no awards, no success. I'm self-educated in the arts field , without schools or oficial studies . I can say that I have realy discovered my painting 20 years ago, because I 've never seen someone painting, not even how to begin. It came all alone by many testing. After a while I've sold a few paintings and that gave me the currage to continue . It was very difficult because of my themes , in the time of full-blown communism in Romania I was forbidden . Since that time I reach to survive by my paintings but very, very hard. Even today , I have not money to buy a photocamera to make captures of my artworks.  I left my job 17 years ago takeing the risk, but believing in art . Maybe some day I will get enough money to put back my teeth ...             

               So , life is good , but we must look at the full part of the glass !       

               Best regards, Gyuri.


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No much to say about my biography ,I'm for the first time on an online exhibition thanks to you. I had many exhibitions in afew country in Europe but it was only for a while and simply for money to survive . Now ,I gest want to publish afiew works of mine to see if it means something for someone in this world.I'm 44y.o. and Ihave not much time to brake the shell around me.I'm not dreaming about treasure but I hope live . Thank you!
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