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La campiña



Michel Mico Jr. (b. 1983) is a contemporary Cuban painter and is regarded as one of the figures of the artistic movement “Horizontes” that includes more than 50 landscape painters whose excellent representation of the Cuban nature has reinforced the revival of this genre in Cuba in the new millennium. Son of the painter Fidel Micó, he was born in Havana, in September 13th 1983, and he has always lived in Cuba. His paintings decorate many house of Havana. Mico Jr. has always been working very hard for building a personal style different from his father, by studying all genres, and his artworks were accepted at Galeria Hernández Cardenas (Havana, Cuba) by 2001, and in other artistic spaces. His paintings have been in national and international exhibitions. The Cuban galleries Hernández Cardenas, Casa Museo Hurón Azúl, and Hercar have included his paintings in several exhibitions devoted to the Cuban landscape. Mico’s paintings can be found in private collection from Spain, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, and El Salvador. In 2007, the magazine Art Nexus has paid particular attention to his artworks which have been reproduced as a notable example of the excellence that is showing the contemporary Cuban art. Michel Mico remains active artistically, intellectually, and professionally by painting, studying, and testing innovative pictorial pathways.



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2001 - Group Exhibition “Carlos Enrique”, Galeria Hernández Cardenas, Havana, Cuba.
2003 - Group Exhibition “Combate”. Casa Museo Hurón Azúl, Havana , Cuba.

2004 - Group Exhibition, Galería de Arte Hercar, Havana, Cuba.

2004 - Group Exhibition “Primavera en Arroyo”. Galería de Arte Hercar, Havana, Cuba.

2006 - Group Exhibition, Casa de la Cultura de Arroyo, Havana, Cuba.

2007 - Group Exhibition, Jorge M. Sori Fine Art Gallery, Miami, USA.

2010 - Group Exhibition “170 Aniversario del Natalicio de Esteban Chartrand” Monastery San Francisco de Asis, Havana, Cuba.

2012 - Group Exhibition “Festival Latinoamericano”, Milan, Italy.

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