Anahid Kasmaie



 I was born on 9 Agust 1970 in Iran.  My country has a special location that many culture was intered and influenced its unique effects. I studied mathematics in high school,and also in college , but  always something special atracted me to the Art and painting, the combination between culture and art leads me to studied art in university of art ,I have got my degree in MA of Art. During my education I learn and do all the art style in painting untill i choose my special style, I had 4 solo exhibition,in Iran, in my first exhibition my artworks was structured abestract and its became from the relationship between color of light and its special reflex on the sky and the sea, then slowly turn it to detail of nature and in my 3th gallery its became emotion and complitliy changed,  this chang was because of  special influence of  my old traditional culture and special meaning of color and form in Iran, I dont know whats will be happend  in my  future artworks.....
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