Antonina Kulikova

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 Antonina Kulikova Exclusive Macrame Russia
Antonina Kulikova Exclusive Macrame Russia
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I was born in Siberia, in the small mining town of Kiselevsk, called the "Pearl of the Kuzbass".
In 15 years, decided to become a computer programmer. Higher engineering education received in Novosibirsk and Moscow.
Mastered the basics of macrame in Estonia (Tartu), where she lived for a long time.
For many years, had the idea to weave a unique hammock. Dreams come true - made 3 bright hammock.
I gave them the names of the islands, as they are associated with relaxation and the sea.
Macrame - what is it?

The site different views:
- Weaving of the nodules
- Origami thread
- It's in each nodule on the fly, and in the middle a dragonfly
- Lace on your memory

While the first answer is the most accurate, in fact, macrame -
the ancient art of decorative needlework, based
in weaving units, but the last I prefer.
Rather, because the pots, in the technique
macrame, occupy a special place in the house of friends.
Certainly, the sailors credited with championship
in the creation of products in this technique, and could not imagine
that centuries later would macrame style interior
and the whole area of ​​the arts.

History Site

I got acquainted with the technique of weaving knot
in the Estonian city of Tartu. The first book to
helped get started in the wonderful world of needlework
was "Macrame in your home."
Since then, the craze had passed, and it became even stronger.
"Feelings have passed the test of time."
A desire to help others learn the secrets of creating
simple and elegant things that give originality and comfort
any room, be it an office, living room or cottage.
In the search for materials on macrame nice
surprised by the large number of books and manuals
on macrame in Russian.
In the "Books" section you will find a list of them.
These books can be purchased at online stores,
shown in the "Books" and "Links".
Quotes collected in the "History of."
I would be grateful to the authors, who generously allowed
placed at the website of his books.
Admire and adore their talent.



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  - Я родилась в Сибири, в небольшом шахтерском городе Киселевск, который называют "Жемчужина Кузбасса". У чилась в музыкальной школе. В 15 лет решила стать программистом. Высшее инженерное образование получала в Новосибирске и в Москве. Азы макраме освоила в Эстонии (г.Тарту), где жила долгое время. Много лет вынашивала идею сплести необыкновенный гам...
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  - Je suis né en Sibérie, dans la petite ville minière de Kiselevsk, surnommée «la perle du Kuzbass". En 15 ans, a décidé de devenir un programmeur informatique. Enseignement supérieur en ingénierie obtenu à Novossibirsk et Moscou. Maîtrisé les rudiments de macramé en Estonie (Tartu), où elle a vécu pendant une longue période. Pendant de nombreuses an...
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  - 私は、キセリョフスクの小さな鉱山町で、シベリアで生まれた "クズバスの真珠"と呼ばれていました。 15年の間に、コンピュータ· プログラマーになることを決めた。 高等工学教育は、ノボシビルスクおよびモスクワで受信。 彼女は長い間住んでエストニアのマクラメの基礎(タルトゥ)を習得。 長年にわたり、織るユニークなハンモックにアイデアを持っていた。 夢は叶う - 3明るいハンモックを作りました。 彼らはリラクゼーションと海に関連付けられているように私は、彼らに島の名前をつけた。 マクラメ - それは何ですか? 異なるビューotvet.mail.ruサイト: - 団塊のウィービング - 折り紙のスレッド - それは、その場で各結節のだし、真ん中のトンボ - あなたのメモリ上のレース 最初...
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  - Nasci na Sibéria, na pequena cidade mineira de Kiselevsk, chamada de "Pérola do Kuzbass". Em 15 anos, decidiu se tornar um programador de computador. Ensino superior de engenharia recebidos em Novosibirsk e Moscou. Dominar as noções básicas de macrame na Estónia (Tartu), onde viveu por um longo tempo. Por muitos anos, teve a idéia de tecer uma rede...
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  - 我出生在西伯利亞,在小規模採礦的Kiselevsk鎮,被稱為“珍珠庫茲巴斯”。 15年後,決定成為一名計算機程序員。 高等工程教育在新西伯利亞和莫斯科。 掌握了基本的花邊(愛沙尼亞塔爾圖),她在那裡住了很長一段時間。 多年來,有想法編織了一個獨特的吊床。 夢想成真 - 製成3顆吊床。 我給他們的島嶼的名字,因為他們都與放鬆和大海。 流蘇花邊 - 是什麼呢? 該網站otvet.mail.ru不同的看法: - 編織的結節 - 摺紙線程 - 這是在每個結節上的蒼蠅,在中間有一個蜻蜓 - 蕾絲在你的記憶 雖然第一個答案是最準確的,事實上,花邊 - 古老的藝術裝飾縫紉, 在紡織單位,但最後我更喜歡。 相反,因為的盆中,在技術 花邊,佔據一個特殊的地方在屋子裡的朋友。 當然,水手們與冠軍入賬 在這種技術...
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  - Yo nací en Siberia, en el pequeño pueblo minero de Kiselevsk, llamada la "Perla del Kuzbass". En 15 años, decidió convertirse en un programador de computadoras. La educación superior en ingeniería recibido Novosibirsk y Moscú. Mezclar los conceptos básicos de macramé en Estonia (Tartu), donde vivió durante mucho tiempo. Durante muchos años, tuvo la...
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  - Sono nato in Siberia, nella piccola città mineraria di Kiselevsk, chiamata la "Perla del Kuzbass". In 15 anni, ha deciso di diventare un programmatore di computer. Formazione in ingegneria superiore ricevuto a Novosibirsk e Mosca. Imparato le basi del macramè in Estonia (Tartu), dove ha vissuto per un lungo periodo. Per molti anni, ha avuto l'idea ...
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  - Ich wurde in Sibirien geboren, in der kleinen Bergstadt Kiselevsk, genannt die "Perle des Kuzbass". In 15 Jahren, entschied sich ein Computer-Programmierer zu werden. Höhere technische Ausbildung erhalten in Novosibirsk und Moskau. Beherrscht die Grundlagen der macrame in Estland (Tartu), wo sie für eine lange Zeit lebte. Seit vielen Jahren hatte d...
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