Christine Lécluse Boyd

red sunshine


I was born 39 years ago in Normandy. Painting and drawing have always been of great importance in my life, along with dancing and music. As an only child, whenever I had the possibility, I would draw and paint landscapes, flowers, animals, on my own or with my family and friends. I practiced drawing until high scool but gave up regular practicing when I started my studies of tEarth Sciences at university. During a stay in England I rediscovered watercolours. Selftaugh painter, I trawed myself in what became a passion.;I work mainly with oils, acrylics and dry pastels. I never go out for a walk or a drive without my camera, which allows me to 'take notes'. I use these photographs to work on my landscapes in the studio. I love oils and acrylics for their 'textural' aspect. With these medias, it is possible to mix colours directly on canvas adn create fascinating textures. These techniques permit corrections, which allows the atmosphere of a picture to be changed. I also love painting with dry pastels because one can work with one's fingers and create incomparable smoothness.;I am a member of the 'Assocation des Femmes Peintres de l'Est' since 2003; Member of the 'Pastel en Normandie' association and I am currently teaching drawing and painting at the CNRS' CAES since September 2004.
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  - Je suis née, il y a 39 ans en Normandie. La peinture et le dessin ont toujours tenu une grande place dans ma vie, avec la danse et la musique. Enfant unique, dès que j'en avais la possibilité, je dessinais des paysages, des fleurs, des animaux, seule...
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