Corinne Jumet

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Corinne Jumet

Nickname "Coju"


Pediatric nurse by profession, I worked for 15 years for health reasons I had to quit teaching.

Since I started on my three favorite hobbies is to say, the design, computing and painting.

In 2002, I started drawing with oil pastels on topics very symbolic that allowed me to shout "injustices" (Birth, couple, tear, rebirth, freedom ...). Red and black colors were my first.

In 2003, I wanted to see all these works in large format! So, I procured a very large panels of wood and acrylic paint. And I made my first works. Much softer colors and with a lot less hate. I headed to the voice of healing!

In 2004 I realized a new project, erotic sketches, men and women only or couples straight or gay. I reworked my sketch using software that ends in photo printing with a style a little cracked old sepia color.

In 2007 I began to paint on canvas with acrylic always. A style quite different, but still in the range of symbolism. Characters often androgynous, faceless, finishing without perfection but exudes a lot of questions and reflections.

In 2010 I still paint on canvas with acrylic, many characters naked, dressed only couples but still in symbolism.

Really want to get a message, I continue on this road of life sometimes seems so difficult and yet so simple that when we take the trouble to think.




2003 Exhibition Centre Culturel "Al VIL Cinse" (Berneau)

2004 Permanent Exhibition Hotel "De Kommel" (Fouron Count)

2004 Exhibition Restaurant "Il Baro" (Liège)

2004 Group Exhibition: Gallery "The tribute of the arts" (Liège)

2005 Exhibition "The cottage slaughter" (Jupille)

2005 Exhibition Hall caterer "The Cantellerie" (Momalle)

2005 Exhibition "La stone ox" (Affected)

2005 Group Exhibition Gallery "Fayla" (Brussels)

2005 Bar gay "Little Paris" (Liège)

2005 (Asbl) Gay Bar "Like what coffee" (Brussels)

2005 Group Exhibition: Gallery "Vanderwecken" (Affected)

2006 Collective exhibition: Gay Film Festival & lesbians (Botanique in Brussels)

2006 Group Exhibition: Gallery "Intimérence" (Charleroi)

2006 Exhibition Gay Bar "The homoerectus Classicus" (Brussels)

2006 Exhibition (Asbl) Gay Bar "Like what coffee" (Brussels)

2006 Exhibition Gay Bar "open bar" (Liège)

2007 Exhibition Gay Bar "Little Paris" (Liège)

2007 Exhibition Gay Bar "The homoerectus Classicus" (Brussels)

2007 Exhibition (Asbl) Gay Bar "Like what coffee" (Brussels)

2008 Exhibition Gay Bar "Little Paris" (Liège)

2008 Exhibition Gay Bar "The homoerectus Classicus" (Brussels)

2009 Exhibition Brasserie L'Edouard's (Herstal)

2009 Group Exhibition at Fabrik "The naked upside down" (Herstal)

Sauna, 2009 Exhibition "The aquari'hom (Herstal)

2010 Exhibition Brasserie L'Edouard's (Herstal)

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  - ХУДОЖЕСТВЕННАЯ CV Коринн Jumet Прозвище "Coju" Детская медсестра по профессии, я работал в течение 15 лет по состоянию здоровья мне пришлось бросить учение. Так как я начал на три моих любимых хобби есть, дизайна, компьютерной и живописи. В 2002 году я начал рисовать маслом, пастель темы, очень символично, что позволило мне кричать "несправедливост...
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  - ARTISTIEKE CV Corinne Jumet Bijnaam "Coju" Kinderverpleegkundige van beroep, werkte ik 15 jaar om gezondheidsredenen moest ik lesgeven stoppen. Sinds ik begon op mijn drie favoriete hobby's is te zeggen, het ontwerp, de computer-en schilderkunst. In 2002 ben ik begonnen met het tekenen met oliepastels over onderwerpen zeer symbolisch dat stond me t...
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  - CV ARTíSTICA Corinne Jumet Apelido de "Coju" Enfermeira pediátrica de profissão, trabalhei por 15 anos por motivos de saúde tive de sair de ensino. Desde que eu comecei em meus três passatempos favoritos é dizer, o design, informática e pintura. Em 2002, eu comecei a desenhar com pastel de óleo sobre temas muito simbólicas que permitiram que eu a g...
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  - Künstlerischer Lebenslauf Corinne Jumet Nickname "Coju" Kinderkrankenschwester von Beruf, arbeitete ich seit 15 Jahren aus gesundheitlichen Gründen musste ich die Lehre beenden. Da ich auf meine drei liebsten Hobbys begann, ist zu sagen, das Design, Computer und Malerei. Im Jahr 2002 begann ich mit dem Zeichnen mit ölkreide auf Themen sehr symbolis...
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  - ARTISTIC CV コリーヌジュメ ニックネームは "Coju" 職業は小児科の看護師は、私が教えることをやめなければならなかった健康上の理由で15年間働いていました。 私は3つの好きな趣味で始めたので、設計、コンピューティング、絵画と言うことです。 2002年に、私は私が "不正義を"(誕生、カップル、涙、復活、自由...)叫ぶように許可されたことは非常に象徴的なトピックについてのオイルパステルで描き始めた。 赤と黒の色が私の最初でした。 2003年、私は、大規模な形式ですべてのこれらの作品を見てみたかった! だから、私は木、アクリル塗料の非常に大型パネルを調達する。 そして私は私の最初の作品を作りました。 多くの色をより柔らかく、はるかに少ない憎しみを持つ。 私は癒しの声に向かった!...
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  - ARTíSTICA CV Corinne Jumet Alias ​​"Coju" Enfermera pediátrica de profesión, trabajé durante 15 años por motivos de salud, tuve que dejar la enseñanza. Desde que empecé en mis tres aficiones favoritas es decir, el diseño, la informática y la pintura. En 2002, empecé a dibujar con pasteles al óleo sobre temas muy simbólicos que me permitió gritar "i...
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  - ARTISTICO CV Corinne Jumet Nickname "Coju" Infermiera pediatrica di professione, ho lavorato per 15 anni per motivi di salute ho dovuto smettere di insegnare. Da quando ho iniziato i miei tre hobby preferiti è quello di dire, il, informatica disegno e la pittura. Nel 2002, ho iniziato a disegnare con pastelli a olio su argomenti molto simbolici, ch...
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  - , , CV ARTISTIQUE Corinne Jumet Pseudo « Coju » Puéricultrice de profession, j'ai travaillé durant 15 ans, pour des raisons de santé j’ai du quitter l’enseignement. Dès lors je me suis lancée sur mes trois hobbies favoris, c'est-à-dire, le dessin, l'informatique et la peinture. En 2002, J'ai commencé par des dessins aux pastels à l'huile sur des th...
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