Darmalungit Surya

Hingar Bingar


Born in Semarang, 41 years ago, Darma choose his way of living to be a painter 10 years ago. Almost all of his skill is from experiencing painting as fun & challenge. Autodidactic but also got structured learning from few masters around Semarang.


Figure painting, landscape, floral & fauna realist painting was his choice until 2 years ago, before he specialized himself to express his aesthetics art into a unique style, palette flower painting. Spontaneous impressions & passion for beauty & freedom, he fells happy & joyful whenever he makes his wild flower paintings.

Exhibitions & Festivals:

  • Ancol Art Festival, Jakarta 1998
  • Pasar Seni lukis Indonesia Surabaya 2009, 2010
  • Pasar Seni ITB Bandung, 2010
  • Sultan Hotel. Jakarta 2010
  • Grand Opening, MURI Gallery, Magelang 2006
  • Pasar Raya Sri Ratu, Semarang 2010
  • JCC, Jakarta 2009, 2010
  • Galeri Seni Rupa Jawa Tengah, Solo, 2010
  • Gedung DPRD Ungaran, 2008
  • Gedung Lawang Sewu, Semarang 2007
  • Pameran Bersama Wasesa Salatiga, 2006
  • FX Style, Jakarta 2010
  • Ungaran Square, 2010
  • Vemy's Art Gallery, Ungaran 2011

For further info, please send email to darmalungit@gmail.com and visit http://darmalungit.com.

Darmalungit with Jeihan, one of Indonesia's Fineart Legend.

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