Eduardo Closs

S.O.S Iam hungry


To run out of academicism school I did paint expressionism with spattle tool for all 1993 year. Expressionist(main Germay School) was my bridge to go at pop art . And later I mixed expressionism, pop comics, tv cartoons and graffiti. I think these was the fountain were I drunk my water. I studied philosophy in university and i must say that mr.Socrates, Emmanuel Kant, Soren Kierkegaard, Charles H. Pierce, science- fiction writers like Jorge Luis Borges, Kobo Abe, the beatnic poets like William Carlos Williams , the existencialists, the Russians - Gogol, dostoievsky…The painters; Mario schifano, Modigliane, lautrec, Basquiat, Ibere Camargo, Chagall, Van Gogh, klimt was the people that give-me the conceptual support(and inspiration) to fly away. Wen I was young I tried lots of different kinds of junky drugs to increase my inspiration, but it don't gave-me good results and I stop. now I'm a dude fat family father(a symbiosis of Hommer Simpson and Gardfield) very happy. my children teach me fly away........ My work talk about Brazilian and Latin America cosmopolitic funny sensual way of life into a world pop-expressionist content.
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