Inner Visions



I am paolo conti an artist from montreal-canada .I am a self taught painter who came to painting through  my interest in photography .I work usually in an abstract style but i have also explored figurative painting .My abstract paintings are reflections of inner emotions and inner spiritual states .I have become very interested in eastern religions and i believe that this has shaped the direction of my paintings .I am very experimental in my approach to art ,i do not give much thought before beginning a work .I  allow myself to be guided by my inner impulses and allow the painting to emerge as each stroke is added.My figurative paintings borrow from african art ,north american native art and shaman culture .I have sought to create  simple but bold primitive images .Jung spoke of the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS  and its reservoir of images and symbols . I believe that it is from this source that that i  recieved my inspiration .I have participated in numerous group exhibitions in north america .
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