Jonna Harris

Burning Bush

Blue Lava

Welcome to my world of abstract art. Here you will find my artist portfolio of abstract oil paintings and abstract watercolors. I also like to dabble in nude figure paintings and landscapes. 

Please visit my website at where I am currently poster prints on and gift items such as calendars, postcards, greeting cards and keepsake boxes, created from my artwork, through CafePress. If you see an image of mine that you would like to see reproduced as a poster print or gift item, please let me know by emailing me your request or you can leave a comment on my blog at  I love to hear from my fans, so please feel free to leave your comments on my blog or send me an email.

I would be happy to exchange links with any other artists. I am always creating something new, so come back and visit often!

I graduated from Oregon State University in 1997, at the age of 49, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I am a resident of the beautiful State of Oregon. My art is about color and the sensuality of paint.  Any other meaning you might read into my work is up to you, the viewer. I have been an artist since I was able to hold a crayon. Even though my life has taken many turns where I haven't been able to express my art, it has always been with me. To me, art is a spiritual journey through life. The emotions of my life come out when I paint, which is why most of my paintings tend to be abstract. I am not concerned with re-creating reality, I am trying to create a new reality flowing from emotion and spirit. Creating art is a very sensual experience, the feel of the paint on my brush in contact with the canvas, watching the colors flow onto the surface of the paper- such things are why I paint. At this time, I don't sell my original work, it would be like selling my children.
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