Kay L. Schlagel

Jungle wheel

Stained Glass/ orange

If you are interested in buying any of  my artworks please contact me at mdmkay@hotmail.com and put artwork in the re: line.  The digital abstracts can be made for most sizes. 





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 My husband, my love
I wanted to try and put into words how I felt about the love of my life and found it to be a much more difficult task than I had anticipated. Aren't the really great things in life that way?
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 Remember Me
A poem I wrote in dedication to my father in law when he passed away
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 If I Don’t Stand Up Who Will?
First person article from adult survivor of abuse. The painting is titled "on the outside looking in". I titled that because that is how I always felt as a child...on the outside looking in.
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A poem I wrote about being an artist
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this is another self portrait done by one of my alters (personalities).  It kind of reminds me of what MPD or DID (as it is referred to today) feels likeWELCOME TO MY WORLD


 I'm a 49 y.o. female with two grown sons.  I've resided in Nebraska most of my life.  I started my carreer as an registered nurse in 1980 but due to complications from childhood injuries I became disabled in 1990.  I now consider myself a  professional artist/writer.  Due to severe child abuse I have some very serious health problems so I'm unable, at this time to travel.  Otherwise I would like to be giving talks about dissociative disorders (see blog at www.mdmkay.blogspot.com), promote the 2 books  I wrote, my articles, poetry, and have showings for my artwork.  Since those avenues are not open to me I'm working very hard, when I can, to promote my art and such through sites such as this.  My husband and I are also trying to get an online business going to sell collectibles, gifts, artwork...etc. at www.jdkimports.com.  Please come and visit we have just about everything you could want for home decor and gifts. 

The painting that  you see is a self-portrait painted by one of my alters (I used to have a severe dissociate disorder that is doing better now although I'm not completely intergrated yet...(you can see more of the alter's self-portraits on my blogspot.)

I live with my male life partner, my son, two cats, and eight (no it isn't a typo), ferrets that are absolutly hilarious.  I find it very difficult to be depressed while being surrounded by so much love from friends, family, and hilarious pets.  I'm not saying that I never get depressed but I've found that pet therapy really is all it is cracked up to be.  I also try and look beyond the physical and cherish every good thing that comes my way (which  by the way, is a lot if you just care to look).

I paint using oils, acrylics, and a lot of digital painting.  My prints are each signed, custom printed and the standard size is 11x14 inches on glossy premium photo paper, unframed for $45.00 USD plus $20 S&H.  We use paypal for payment method and we prefer not to ship overseas.  Other sizes are available upon request, however, prices and S&H will also change for each.  I also sell some of my original oils, mixed media, acrylic on stretched canves for an average of $500USD with $45 S&H through paypal.  If you are interested in a purchase from any branch of ArtsCad,  www.artwanted.com,  please contact me at mdmkay@hotmail.com and write re: purchase so that I don't accidently miss anyone.  I hope that you will find something you really like and I will thank you now for taking the time to look at my portfolio.

Kay L. Schlagel

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