Louis-François Alarie

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Love is what gives you the desire to be at your best. I celebrate life and I name it Art.

I work with best quality materials. The composition of my artworks will always make them look better once framed. I provide investment grade registered and certified artworks.

The Canadian government used 2 paintings from me to illustrate greetings cards published at 25 000 exemplaires in 2008.

This is my official site for authentification of possible artworks you could buy from someone else and I provide this service for free.  Like my Facebook fan page "Louis-Francois Alarie".

My artworks were sold in Canada, USA, England, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Peru, Portugal, China, France, Russia, Indonesia, South Africa and Israel.  

Louis-Francois Alarie

(February 2020)

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  - L'amour est ce qui nous donne le désir d'être à notre meilleur. Je célèbre la vie et je nomme cela mon art. Je travaille avec des matériaux de qualité. La composition de mes oeuvres les rendra toujours plus belles lorsque encadrées. Je fournis des oeuvres d'art enregistrées et certifiées qui sont un investissement. En 2008, le gouvernement canadien...
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