Mariotti Giuseppe




I was born in Todi (Italy). I completed my secondary school education in classical studies, and then earned a degree in Architecture at the School of Architecture of Rome University (Italy).
I have never attended an art school, so I am self-taught.Following my degree, in addition to working in my profession, I have also dedicated much time to other artistic expressions.
I have drawn comic strips and done book illustrations, as well as graphic art, and I have become deeply interested in digital art.
My artwork has received various prizes and awards, both in Italy and internationally.
Since the moment I recently discovered painting this has become a consuming interest for me. I do mostly oil paintings, and the themes I portray are very diverse: I enjoy representing reality, but also adventuring into the dimensions of the imagination and of the surreal, as well as sounding the depths of Man's feelings and inner life.
I love both classical as well as modern painting and I enjoy expressing myself using the instruments as well as the language of both these art forms; in this way each time I manage to espress various aspects of my personality and inner world.
I feel that the common thread which runs through my images - although they differ very much one from another - is a positive vision of life, a sense of confidence in human capacities, a desire to dream, a wish to sound inner feelings, and a love of nature.


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