Paul Ray Whitton.


peace gate

Hi everyone, I am just letting you know my official, personal webite dedicated to my art/photograpy is now updated and full operational for you viewing pleasure, it includes works that can be see here on Artscad, along with many others, including some very recent images,please swing on by and take a look by clicking on the link provided here, now in english and japanese. I hope you will enjoy your visit, kind regards,Paul whitton.
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 personal art webpage
Just announcing that my new personal website dedicated to my art and photography is now updated and officially on line.
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Paul's artwork is a combination of scenes taken from a fortunate life  travelling in his career as an entertainer and performing artist.  His travels include great wildlife destinations such as Alaska, The Amazon,  costa Rica, Mexico's yukatan, The Great Barrier Reef in Australia and more....  Each of Paul's artworks are either an expression of a moment in time in his life, a result of absorbing his surrounding enviroment or simply a colorful work of observation.  Pauls' art is admired and collected by many and carries with it a colorful disposition to brighten your home, office  or hotel rooms. all artworks are available on high quality stretched canvas.

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