Peter Sukosd

Black Horses

Circus in Town

Hungarian Spirit - Contemporary Art Exhibition

27-31 May 2009, J-Trip Art Gallery
The Rows Daikanyama 2F, 2-3 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0034, Japan 

From 27 to 31 May, 2009 the following painters will be representing the Hungarian contemporary art in Tokyo, Japan:
Ildikó ALE - Tamás BEREGSZÁSZY - Zoltán CSERNÁK - Júlia DÁVID - Viktória HATVANY - Tamás István HORVÁTH - Vivien KABAR - Gábor KRÜZSELY - Péter SÜKÖSD - Alexa SZLÁVICS - Mariann VENCZÁK - Györgyi VISZMEG
The reason for the exhibition is that we celebrate the 140th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Hungary and Japan this year. The exhibition will be therefore opened by the Hungarian ambassador to Japan.

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I was born in 1979 in a town called Pecs, known as the “Mediterranean heart” of Hungary. It is also a kind of cultural centre of the country itself; just imagine a place full of theatres, lots of festivals, a bunch of art exhibitions and a wide range of different universities and their faculties. This diversity of culture and education reflects my personality as well, apart from being a fan of plays, classical music (mainly Beethoven, Chopin and Gerschwin) I am also addicted to statues, which can be derived from the fact that my godfather, called Zoltan Pal, is a famous sculptor in Hungary. My family is divided into an intellectual and artistic part and this fortunate “symbiosis” can also be found in my personality, sometimes enriching it, but sometimes making it quite confusing and lonely as well.

Talking about the painter part of my personality first of all let me remark that I have been painting since I could distinguish the difference between colours, and this is not exaggeration. I then went on to become a student at an Independent Art School, from 1991-1997, which operates under the direction of a world-famous Hungarian painter, Mr Ferenc Lantos.

In 1998 I was admitted to another art school where I mainly made lithographs and etchings under the direction of Mr Tamas Odrobina, who specializes in these techniques.

After a long infertile period I restarted my painting career in Denmark in 2001. The paintings of the so-called "vessel series" are from this period where I worked mainly with oil pastel.

The feelings I illustrate on the canvas vary according to my moods, reaching the peak and then sliding down gradually to the depression and emotional deepness itself. This conflict and contradiction that I always try to visualize on my paintings, shows that every feeling is a mixture of its opposite, and thus you can never find reconciliation in them, you just accept their existence. This acquiescence and reconciliation to this fact makes my paintings very solid, illustrating all possible limits of human emotions in one circle, limiting it to the canvas I am painting on. Finally as concerns the methods for my painting, let me just say that I am only the tool of the feelings I want to highlight and painting is the best way for me to do it, consequently I play only a minor role in the whole process, where the impressions take the main role.

I have already had several exhibitions, mainly abroad, in Copenhagen, Strasbourg, Prague and Florence. Many reproductions have been made of my paintings and some of my paintings have been used as illustrations in books.

Name: Peter SUKOSD
Mobile: +36/20/4972552


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