Sanja Metikos

Lady in blue

Dream of Dreamer

My name is Sanja Metikos. I was born in Split,town inCroatia at Adriatic sea. When I was in primary school my Art teacher told me to go study Art . I didn't know that I have talent for Art. Anyway I tried and succed entrance exam . Next four years was nice in my school for Art . We was all friends and I think we enjoy as much as possible.Some of our professors was famous . Next step was Academy for Art . During school time we travel a lot .I will never forget our time in Italy.We visited many museums , churches and famous buidings . When I finished Academy I work shortly in school teaching Art . I love Art and I decided to be an free artist . Till now my paints are all around world . I sell my work privatly and in the local Art Galery. My inspiration come sometimes daily to me , but  there are many other things to do and some days I don't paint at all. I am divorced many years ago. I have two sons and one granddaughter. And nice  dog too . I like to read good books , listen music and travel . I feel like a realy last dreamer because I belive that good and honest people still exist even there are many others . Thats it for now !
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