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Born in 1965 in Gaillac (France), Denis Truchi has been drawing and painting since childhood. He started attending painting classes at the age of 14 and exhibited for the first time in 1979 in the Gaillac Exhibition where he won the first prize in 1993. Since 1999 he has regularly exhibited in Paris, where he set up in studio in 1988, and has often been cited in press articles.

Denis Truchi works with acrylic and oil paint on canvas, mainly with a brush but also using a palette knife. His favorite themes are Parisian life, cafes, musicians and scenes from everyday life. His work is figurative but characterized by its deliberate lack of specific details, depicting various atmospheres enhanced by the use of contrast between shadow and light.

In 2000, one of his paintings won a competition and was chosen by the CEO of Bayer France to illustrate their greetings cards. Denis Truchi is quoted in the 2003 Drouot Cotation dictionary of modern and contemporary artists.

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  - Jusqu'au 30 novembre 2004 EXPOSITION COLLECTIVE "ESPACE XII" 1230, rue des quarante sous 78630 ORGEVAL Tel : 0892 700 234 Du mardi au dimanche de 11 h à 20 h
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  - ; ; ; PRINCIPALES EXPOSITIONS ; ; Septembre 2003 Galerie Thuillier - Paris 3ème ; Juin 2003 Restaurant Zona Libre Café - Paris 9ème ; Mars 2003 Salon des peintres - Suresnes ; Novembre 2002 Restaurant Zona Libre Café - Paris 9ème ; Juillet 2001 Galer...
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  - ; Né en 1965 en France, Denis Truchi dessine et peint depuis son enfance. Dès l'age de quatorze ans, il suit des cours de peinture. Il expose dès 1979 dans un salon de peinture et participera à ce salon chaque année jusqu'en 1993 où il obtiendra le p...
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