Wendy Meriwether

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Royal Blood

Wendy Meriwether  ,  Grew up in rural Indiana ,USA. It was apparent from early on that Wendy would someday be an accomplished artist , self taught ,  Wendy began by drawing the wildlife & farm animals that surrounded her in the countryside where she grew up. With no formal training ,most of Wendy's artwork has came through the talent that God has given her and trial & error, and countless hours on end sketching . As her talent grew (especially in sketching  horses) many people began asking if  " the quiet girl who always has a pencil in her hand " could sketch or paint thier favorite family horse, this word spread & led to many people with show horses commissioning Wendy for works of thier horses while she was still a teen .

Wendy's talent began to expand as she entered he teen years , and she expanded into other mediums than just the pencil dabbling in basically every medium until she found the one she was most comfortable with, Pastels. Loving the vibrancy, depth of color,and the way that pastels can render such a realistic detailed effect of animal subjects & thier coats ,this became Wendys favorite medium, and with Pastels Wendy won numerous awards at a young age in many local art contests .

 As with many artists though, other things in life drew Wendy away from what she calls  her "true calling" and many years passed with her barely finding the time to pick up a pencil to sketch. Wendy is just recently beginning to rediscover her true Love and Passion for art again . She has found that even though so much time has passed that the talent is still there & in fact has grown some with the experiences and visions that life brings. Since rediscovering her art Wendy has begun searching out galleries to display her work and  currently has  a gallery at  www.bluezepplin.com  , another Gallery  displaying Wendy's work  is currently under construction at www.saatchigallery.com and will be available for viewing soon.

Wendy currently has created her OWN website that you may visit to view & to Purchase her current works, see a gallery of some of her past works and commissions, and see works that are currently in progress. Visit Wendy's home website at :  www.creativeartbywendy.com


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