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Las Vegas Best

Cover , Las Vegas Magazine Harry Weisburd painting, "Couple on Russian Hill Overlooking San Francisco Bay Featured low left corner Harry Weisburd
http://www.HarryWeisburd.com - March 13 2019

 American Art Critic Hilton Kramer   Hilton Kramer has been Top Art Critic for 28 Years

 "Stairway to Heaven " 3D Art   Traditionally painted Watercolor , CONVERTS TO 3D IMAGE with clear lens glasses.

 Chinese Opera: A Tradition of over 200 years   Traditional Chinese Opera used to be performed by men only. Men performed both female and male parts. They had to learn to sing and sound like a woman. In recent years, women now also perform in the Chinese Opera. Today to become a Super Star , the singer must not only excel as a singer but excel as a top dancer, acrobat and know movments of Kung F

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